Noah & Juno

C Support

Juno: Oh, Noah.
Noah: Hello, Lady Juno. Are you all right?
Juno: You’re worried about me? What a surprise.
Noah: …I’m not that antisocial, Lady Juno…
Juno: I was just kidding. You seem uncaring, but on the inside, you have a kind heart. Are you all right? You’ve gone through many battles coming here, right?
Noah: Yes, I’m fine. General Zealot helped us greatly. It’s thanks to him that I’m alive right now.
Juno: I see… He always strains himself in battle…

B Support

Juno: Sigune… She’d turned to Bern.
Noah: Yes. She ambushed us in the blizzard with her Pegasus Knight squad.
Juno: I see… Sigune and I used to be rivals, you know. We were always competing against each other. It all seems so…faraway when I remember it now.
Noah: ……
Juno: Sigune always tried to act bad, but she was really a kindhearted person. If only we weren’t in times like this, we could have… War is a painful thing.
Noah: …Yes. But that’s what war is.

A Support

Juno: Noah.
Noah: Yes?
Juno: You seem to avoid developing close relationships. Is that because you don’t want to suffer from losing that person?
Noah: …I wonder. It is easier to just avoid getting close with anyone. The tighter the bond, the greater the suffering when that bond is broken. …I think you know that better than any of us.
Juno: Yes… Perhaps it’s better to live like you do in Ilia. But there will come a time when you will realize that close relationships aren’t all bad. Maybe you’ll understand when you find yourself in love with someone.