Percival & Cecilia

C Support

Cecilia: Percival.
Percival: …Cecilia. Are your wounds healed now?
Cecilia: Yes, I managed to survive.
Percival: I see. …I’m sorry. I was there with you, but I couldn’t go to your aid.
Cecilia: No, you only did what you were supposed to. Don’t worry about it.
Percival: Thank you for saying that… I plan on making up for it with my work here.
Cecilia: Yes.

B Support

Percival: ……
Cecilia: Is something wrong, Percival?
Percival: That village we just passed… It was ruined.
Cecilia: …Yes, it was.
Percival: Probably most areas of this continent look like that due to the war.
Cecilia: Yes…
Percival: We must put an end to this conflict…so we can help those who cannot defend themselves.
Cecilia: Yes.

A Support

Percival: Cecilia? You look troubled.
Cecilia: Percival… I was just wondering what would become of Etruria after this.
Percival: Just what you would worry about. …But I think there is only one answer to that question.
Cecilia: What?
Percival: Etruria will regain its former glory. It will become even more prosperous than ever before.
Cecilia: …Do you think so?
Percival: Of course. We will make it happen with our own hands.
Cecilia: Oh…
Percival: You mustn’t lose hope, Cecilia. If the Etrurian Generals give up, then who would rebuild our country?
Cecilia: Yes… You’re right, Percival.