Percival & Douglas

C Support

Percival: Lord Douglas!
Douglas: Percival. We fight together again. Though it looks like this time, I am fighting in shame.
Percival: Please, Lord Douglas. You only did your duty as an Etrurian General. There is nothing to be ashamed about.
Douglas: ……
Percival: We are honored to be able to fight by your side once again. I’m sure the other Etrurians among us feel the same way.
Douglas: Thank you… Your words are encouraging.
Percival: Let us fight together for the future of Etruria!

B Support

Douglas: Percival, how do you fare?
Percival: I could be doing better. How about you, Lord Douglas?
Douglas: I am trying my best, but…it seems I am losing the strength I used to have. I suppose I cannot beat my age.
Percival: Nonsense. You are living up to the title of the Great General, Lord Douglas. You still have a long ways to go yet.
Douglas: I hope so.
Percival: Is there something on your mind?
Douglas: No, that’s not the case…

A Support

Douglas: Percival. It might be a bit early to say this, but…
Percival: Yes?
Douglas: I am thinking of retiring as the Great General after this war.
Percival: What!? Then the highest position in the Etrurian military would be empty!
Douglas: I want you to take my place.
Percival: I am still young, Lord Douglas. I cannot assume such a position…
Douglas: You are young? Then what about our commander, Roy? He is much younger than you, and he is leading all of us.
Percival: Yes, but…
Douglas: The youths will not grow if old veterans keep hogging their positions. Percival, you are intelligent, strong, and a fine leader. Besides, once the prince returns, the king will step down from the throne as well.
Percival: Lord Douglas! Those in service must not talk about the inheritance of the throne…
Douglas: It is all right. I have been serving the king for decades now. I know him better than anybody. I am sure that once he learns of the prince’s survival, he will give the throne to him without hesitation.
Percival: ……
Douglas: We must rebuild Etruria alongside our new king. Etruria will be reborn again with the help from you young ones. I will be counting on you, Percival.
Percival: …I shall swear my life to it.