Ray & Niime

C Support

Niime: Hm…
Ray: ? …What?
Niime: I see you use dark magic. Although it looks like you’re still a beginner.
Ray: ! …Look, lady. I’m busy. I don’t have time to spare for old folk like you.
Niime: Come now, there’s no need to rush. Studying on your own isn’t going to get you any further.
Ray: !? How do you know…
Niime: …I haven’t lived this long for nothing, boy. I think I’ve seen more darkness than you have.
Ray: Who… Who are you…?
Niime: My name is Niime. You should remember your elders’ names…

B Support

Niime: Ah, it’s the rude little chap from the other day.
Ray: …… You…you’re ‘The Hermit on the Mountain.’ The master of darkness…
Niime: Well, I see I’ve become famous. What do you want from me?
Ray: …I… I want you to teach me your dark magic. Teach me all of it!
Niime: Hm… Boy, is that how you ask people for favors?
Ray: …I’ll change my tone if you don’t like it. If you want me to bow my head to the ground and apologize, I’ll do it. So please teach me your dark magic!
Niime: …… Hm, interesting… …All right, try reading this for a start.
Ray: …What…is this…?
Niime: Can’t you tell? It’s an archaic language used in the oldest spells.
Ray: What…? The ancient scrolls I know aren’t written like this…
Niime: Do you understand how deep dark magic is now? I’ll give you that. Good luck reading it.

*Niime leaves*

Ray: Hmph… Of course I’ll read it…

A Support

Niime: Well? How’s your studying going?
Ray: ……
Niime: Hm… Don’t even have the time to talk, eh? You’re a rude one, and you don’t know how to respect your elders. But you seem to be serious about learning dark magic. Boy, why do you seek the power of darkness?
Ray: …It’s not like I have some grandiose reason. I use dark magic for myself. I want to protect those I hold dear, and destroy all those who oppose me. That’s the power I seek.
Niime: The power you’re trying to obtain… It’s not to be taken lightly. It can tilt the planet if misused.
Ray: Hmph…so? I’ll blow up a planet or two any day.
Niime: …I see. Well said, boy. Now come…come into the depths of darkness… Of course, you’re going to have to study that book first.
Ray: …… …Thank you.
Niime: Hm? What was that?
Ray: …Nothing.