Roy & Lalam

C Support

Lalam: Roy! *suddenly advances towards Roy*
Roy: Wha-!? L-Lalam…!
Lalam: I’m glad I found you! I want to show you something.
Roy: W-Wait! Calm down first…

*Lalam returns to left of screen*

Roy: So… What was it you wanted?
Lalam: Sooo! *advances towards Roy again*
Roy: Wait wait! I can hear you from here!
Lalam: I’ve come up with a new dance, and I want you to see it. It goes like this…

*Lalam dances*

Lalam: Well? Well? What do you think?
Roy: That’s very nice. I think you’re a very good dancer.
Lalam: …Is that it?
Roy: Huh?
Lalam: You know… Isn’t there more? Like, ‘You look beautiful’ or ‘Your hair looks great today’ or something…
Roy: Um… I better get going…
Lalam: Already?
Roy: Sorry…
Lalam: Hey!

B Support

Lalam: Roy!

*Lalam suddenly advances towards Roy*

Roy: L-Lalam…! I don’t think you should jump on to people like that so much… People might have misunderstandings.
Lalam: But Roy… …!?
Roy: ?
Lalam: Eeeek! There’s an enemy!
Roy: Enemy!? Where!
Lalam: I don’t know! But I heard the bushes rustle…
Roy: L-Lalam! Calm down… I can’t move if you’re grabbing on to me like that…
Lalam: I’m going to die! But…it’s okay. If I can die for Master Roy, it would be my only wish now. You, hiding over there! Come out! Our love is eternal, and can never be broken!
Roy: P-Please, can you get off of me so I can fight…

A Support

Lalam: Roy!
Roy: Lalam…
Lalam: There you are! I have another dance to show you.
Roy: Y-Yeah…
Lalam: Roy…? Are you…trying to avoid me?
Roy: Ah… N-No! Not at all.
Lalam: Yes you are. As soon as I came, you stepped back. You’re already prepared to dodge.
Roy: Y-You’re imagining things.
Lalam: Your eyes are wandering…
Roy: S-So…
Lalam: …You don’t like me, do you… You don’t want to see my dancing at all! That’s it!
Roy: T-That’s not true!
Lalam: Really!? Thanks!
Roy: Whoa!