Roy & Lance

C Support

Lance: Master Roy! Are you all right?
Roy: Lance? What’s the matter…
Lance: I…couldn’t see you, so…
Roy: Oh. Is that all.
Lance: No, that is not all, Master Roy. You are this army’s leader. You must watch for your safety more.
Roy: Yeah, you’re right. I’ll be more careful.
Lance: Are you sure?
Roy: I promise.
Lance: ……

B Support

Lance: Master Roy, if I may suggest something.
Roy: What is it?
Lance: How about if you stay out of the front lines for a while?
Roy: ?
Lance: Then you can command the army from a safe location.
Roy: Well…
Lance: I know what you are thinking, but please understand. An army’s leader is crucial. If the leader is lost, so is the battle.
Roy: That’s true…
Lance: Then…
Roy: But I don’t think anyone would listen to me if I only keep myself safe and start telling people what to do.
Lance: That’s not true!
Roy: I’m not particularly smart, and I don’t have much charisma, either. So I have to gain trust by experiencing the pain that everyone else is…
Lance: Master Roy…
Roy: Perhaps I’m not meant to be a leader. Perhaps it’s just how I am.

A Support

Roy: Lance, I’ve been thinking about what you said, but I still think I should stay up front. I know you were suggesting it for my sake, but…
Lance: No, perhaps I was too focused on my own opinions. If you believe that your way is the best, then it is best to pursue that path.
Roy: Thanks. It’s encouraging to hear you say that.
Lance: However, you made one mistake the other day.
Roy: I did?
Lance: You said, ‘I’m not particularly smart, and I don’t have much charisma, either.’
Roy: Yes, I did say that.
Lance: That’s the part about you that people like. No one would give his life to someone who has no charisma at all.
Roy: …Do you think so?
Lance: Of course. If I may also add a comment, be sure to keep that pure heart. As long as you do, our troops will follow you.
Roy: I’ll try. Thank you, Lance.
Lance: I am glad to be of assistance.