Roy & Lilina

C Support

Roy: Lilina, are you all right? Do you need anything?
Lilina: No, I don’t need anything right now.
Roy: Are you hurt?
Lilina: No, I’m fine.
Roy: Oh, okay. Then is there anything I could do for you…
Lilina: Roy, it’s all right.
Roy: What?
Lilina: Thanks for worrying about me, but I’ll be fine.
Roy: Well, in that case… But if there’s anything you need, tell me. Okay?
Lilina: Okay.

B Support

Roy: Lilina. Lilina!
Lilina: Roy?
Roy: What’s the matter? You were looking off into space again. We’re in a battle. You could get killed!
Lilina: I’m sorry.
Roy: What’s wrong?
Lilina: It’s just that… We’ve come a far way.
Roy: Far?
Lilina: Not distance-wise… It’s just that everything seems to be changing so quickly. Do you remember the time when you came to Ostia to study?
Roy: Of course. Two years… Wait, was it three years ago?
Lilina: At that time, your father and my father were still well. Lycia was so peaceful…no one would have imagined a war. …It all seems as if it were already ten years ago.
Roy: Lilina…
Lilina: I sound so foolish… There’s no way we can go back there anyway…

A Support

Lilina: Roy… I’m sorry about the other day.
Roy: The other day?
Lilina: I was on some nostalgia trip, remember? We’re in a war… Of course things won’t be the same…
Roy: Well, some things will.
Lilina: Like what?
Roy: I’ll be at your side, and you’ll be at mine.
Lilina: Huh…
Roy: We can’t go back to the past, but we can shape the future. Then we should work to make a future the same as, or even better than the past, right?
Lilina: Hahaha…
Roy: ?
Lilina: Roy, you’re showing off…
Roy: D-Do you think so? Yeah, I was thinking that didn’t sound like me myself…
Lilina: But…
Roy: ?
Lilina: Thanks…
Roy: Lilina…
Lilina: We’ll always be together…right?
Roy: …Of course.