Roy & Sue

C Support

Roy: Phew, I’ve finished outlining the troops’ positions…
Sue: Master Roy.
Roy: !? Oh, Sue.
Sue: What’s the matter? You have a strange look on your face.
Roy: No, it’s just that I was a little surprised that you came up and spoke to me.
Sue: Oh?
Roy: Yeah… I never see you speaking with other people. You don’t like talking that much?
Sue: That’s not the case.
Roy: It isn’t?
Sue: It’s just that I like talking with other things more.
Roy: Other things?
Sue: The breeze, the trees, the sky, the brooks… They are all speaking to us.
Roy: They are?
Sue: Yes. If you listen, you’ll hear them. You can’t hear them because you’re not listening. See you.
Roy: Huh? I thought you had something to tell me…
Sue: I just told you.
Roy: What?
Sue: Be sure to listen to nature, and you’ll hear all sorts of voices. You’ll feel better after that. If you’re stressed all the time, you won’t be able to hear anything.

*Sue leaves*

Roy: Sue… Was she trying to cheer me up because I was tired…?

B Support

Roy: Sue.
Sue: Master Roy?
Roy: Thanks for cheering me up the other day.
Sue: …You look better.
Roy: What?
Sue: Your feel…it’s become better.
Roy: My feel? What do you mean?
Sue: It has become softer.
Roy: Do you think so? I can’t really tell.
Sue: Perhaps things like these cannot be recognized by those who work the land as compared to those who run through it.
Roy: ……
Sue: What is it?
Roy: It’s the first time I’ve seen you smile.
Sue: Really?
Roy: Yes. Your smile has a good ‘feel’ to it, too.
Sue: …Thank you.

A Support

Roy: What are you going to do when this war is over?
Sue: I’ll return to Sacae.
Roy: But the Kutolah clan was destroyed by Bern…
Sue: We’ll gather everyone together again. Perhaps there is no more Kutolah clan, but not everyone of the Kutolah is dead.
Roy: Well…I guess that’s right.
Sue: Why do you ask?
Roy: I was just thinking that if you don’t have any place to go, you can come to Pherae.
Sue: Pherae…your hometown.
Roy: Right. It’s not a huge city, but it’s a nice and peaceful place.
Sue: Yes… But my heart is the plains of Sacae.
Roy: Oh, okay. But if you ever change your mind, just tell me.
Sue: Master Roy.
Roy: Yes?
Sue: Thanks for cheering me up.
Roy: You’re very welcome.