Roy & Thany

C Support

Thany: What’s the matter, Master Roy? Do you need something?
Roy: No. I was just thinking that you always seem so…free of worries.
Thany: Hey! …Are you making fun of me?
Roy: No! I’m envious.
Thany: …I still think I’m being made fun of.
Roy: No, I’m not making fun of you. You see, I have to always show people that I’m happy and confident because I’m the leader. But I often get depressed or become worried. Oh, I wanted to ask you, is there some kind of tip that you can give me to stay happy like that?
Thany: Tip?
Roy: You know, something to do or a certain mindset you should be in, or something.
Thany: Well… Eat well, sleep well, and laugh well.
Roy: …Is that all?
Thany: Probably. That’s all you need to enjoy life, right?
Roy: Well…maybe.
Thany: I think you’re thinking too deeply. Well, probably you have to because you’re in such a position… Anyway, I don’t think it’s as complicated as you think.

B Support

Roy: You said you’re a Pegasus Knight in training, right?
Thany: Right.
Roy: How come you’re in an army outside Ilia?
Thany: It’s the rule. If you fight outside Ilia, you’ll gain things you wouldn’t be able to inside the country.
Roy: Like what?
Thany: Foreign fighting styles, foreign culture… And of course, money.
Roy: I see… Then wouldn’t it be a hindrance if you stay in this army so long?
Thany: Huh? No, of course not! There’s no other army that’s traveling all over the place like this. It’s great training.
Roy: Really? Okay, then.
Thany: …Were you worried about me?
Roy: Well, I guess so.
Thany: Thanks!

A Support

Roy: Thany, what are you going to do when this war is over?
Thany: Me? Well… First off, I’ll probably go back to Ilia.
Roy: Oh…I see.
Thany: Why?
Roy: Oh, I was just wondering if you wanted to come to Pherae.
Thany: Your hometown? I’d love to! I wanted to see it once.
Roy: Well, it’s not a huge city like Ostia, so you might be disappointed.
Thany: My hometown is probably more countryside than yours. Plus it snows a lot.
Roy: Then everything’s fine, then.
Thany: I’ll look foward to going.
Roy: Sure. If you like it, you can stay as long as you want.
Thany: Thanks!
Roy: *leaves*
Thany: Master Roy is so nice… Inviting a mercenary like me to his hometown, and saying that I can stay as long as I want… Wait…does that mean…? No no, don’t get cocky… But still… hmm…