Roy & Wolt

C Support

Roy: Wolt!
Wolt: Master Roy, is something wrong?
Roy: …Just call me Roy. We grew up like brothers, you know.
Wolt: I appreciate your kindness, but rules are rules.
Roy: Do you think so? You’ve suddenly become a faraway person.
Wolt: What are you saying? I’m right here in front of you.
Roy: That’s not what I mean.
Wolt: Haha, I know. But I must not slack off in areas like this.
Roy: ……
Wolt: Well then, let’s go! We have a long ways yet, Master Roy.

B Support

Roy: Wolt! About the other day…
Wolt: Master Roy, that conversation was settled. More importantly, this is a battlefield. You never know where enemies are hiding. Please be sure to keep on your guard.
Roy: Wolt… You’re starting to sound like Merlinus and Marcus.
Wolt: Am I? Thank you! That is such praise. My goal is to become a
loyal servant like them.
Roy: …Are you serious?
Wolt: Of course!
Roy: I see.
Wolt: Master Roy? Is something wrong?
Roy: Nothing. Leave me alone for a while, will you?
Wolt: Master Roy…?

A Support

Wolt: Master Roy!
Roy: What?
Wolt: You do not look well. Is there something on your mind?
Roy: …Well, actually there is. Would you mind if we talked about it?
Wolt: ! Of course! I’ll do my best to help.
Roy: You see, I’m kind of angry at this person in the army. What he’s saying is true and makes sense, but…
Wolt: I see. What you understand intellectually and what you feel are two different things.
Roy: Right. My feelings don’t agree with what I understand. And then I start to get mad and I feel like telling him about it.
Wolt: Then do so! Keeping it inside of you is bad for your health. And besides, you are in a stressful position. No one would get angry if you spill it out once in a while.
Roy: You think so?
Wolt: Of course! If you want, I can go talk to the person. Even if the whole world turns against you, I will always be at your side.
Roy: Ah, okay. Thanks, Wolt. I feel better now. All right! We have to get moving!
Wolt: Exactly, Master Roy! …By the way, I can tell the person you’re mad at and have a little discussion with him…
Roy: No, it’s all right now.
Wolt: Really? …Who was it?
Roy: He’s closer than you think.
Wolt: What! Where? …… …Is it…me?
Roy: Yup!
Wolt: Master Roy!