Rutger & Fir

C Support

Fir: …Um… Um, excuse me, are you Rutger?
Rutger: …What do you want?
Fir: I was wondering if you would spar with me, if we get the chance.
Rutger: ……
Fir: I’ve also been training my sword skills, and I’ve won at many arenas around the continent. You don’t have to go easy on me!
Rutger: …I refuse.
Fir: Why? Is it becase I am a woman?
Rutger: …When I swing my sword, I do so to kill people. I have no interest in using my sword for play.
Fir: ! Play!?

*Rutger leaves*

Fir: W-Wait…! …He thought that I was playing around with my sword? I
wanted to learn from him because his blade is so sharp and has no hesitation at all…

B Support

Fir: Rutger! We fight!
Rutger: …Get out of my way.
Fir: No. I will not move until you understand that I am serious. Draw your sword! I have been serious about training my skills, and I will not allow you to say that it is simply for play. And I want to become stronger, so I want to learn from you.
Rutger: …I told you that I use my sword to kill others.
Fir: Yes, I know. But my…
Rutger: If I draw my blade here, you will die. Is that your wish?
Fir: ! …
Rutger: And you have no intention of killing me, either, do you?
Fir: Well…
Rutger: That’s why I say you’re just playing around.
Fir: ……
Rutger: ……

*Rutger leaves*

Fir: …I just… …But maybe I was being rude. I should apologize when I see him next.

A Support

Fir: Rutger. Wait, please don’t glare at me like that… I’m not here to fight.
Rutger: ……
Fir: But your skills are indeed impressive. I still see you as a goal to reach. I wish I could be as strong as you…
Rutger: …Just be yourself.
Fir: What?
Rutger: My blade is covered with blood. There is no need to see your goal in that.
Fir: …… Someone once told me… ‘All paths of the sword lead to one place.’ I still have yet to find out if that’s true or not, but I can say that your sword is definitely on some kind of path. But I still have much to learn.
Rutger: …Think what you will.