Saul & Dorothy

C Support

Dorothy: Oh! There you are!
Saul: Oh, hello, Dorothy.
Dorothy: Where you were, Father Saul? You just go wandering off without saying anything…
Saul: I do not call it ‘wandering off,’ Dorothy. I was diligently doing my missionary work at the villages on the way here.
Dorothy: …Were you really doing your job?
Saul: Of course. However, while I was doing my job, a young maiden was being harassed by a very rude man.
Dorothy: You mean yourself?
Saul: Do I not have any trust at all? Anyway, I drove off the man and rescued the maiden. I must admit, I acted exactly like a holy man ought to behave.
Dorothy: Really? You’re not exactly very strong. How did you do it?
Saul: I went to the man and clung to him, crying, ‘I thought we loved each other, and now you are rejecting me?’
Dorothy: ……
Saul: The man fled with haste. However, the maiden was also gone when I looked back…

B Support

Dorothy: Father Saul! I’ve heard the rumors!
Saul: What is it, Dorothy? Can I not have at least some peace and quiet?
Dorothy: You can’t fool me with that calm attitude. I’ve heard what they say about you. You’re trying to ask out every girl in this army.
Saul: That is a misunderstanding. I was just trying to tell them of God’s love…
Dorothy: No, not this time!
Saul: What do you mean?
Dorothy: I’ve heard that excuse before. Can’t you think of something better?
Saul: Hm… Then please wait a minute while I think of one.
Dorothy: What’s the point if you think of one now!?
Saul: …Dorothy, why are you so upset? This happens all the time.
Dorothy: That’s the problem! People would misinterpret the Elimine Chuch if they see you all the time.
Saul: I am so insulted! I am doing my job properly, Dorothy. Have you not noticed the sharp increase in our female followers recently?
Dorothy: Don’t you understand? If you’re just asking every girl out…
Saul: ?
Dorothy: …I’ve had it! You’ll have a lot to listen to when you come back to the church tonight.

*Dorothy leaves*

Saul: …Sigh…

A Support

Saul: Dorothy…
Dorothy: What is it? I haven’t heard a valid excuse about the other day yet.
Saul: Dorothy, I am sorry… I am sorry that I could not understand your feelings…
Dorothy: …Huh?
Saul: I see what you were trying to say the other day. You wanted to say, ‘If you’re just asking every girl out… Why don’t you do the same to me?’
Dorothy: Wha…!?
Saul: Dorothy, I never knew what you had such feelings towards me…
Dorothy: Ah, er, um… Th-That was just…
Saul: But I am a servant of God… I must be equally caring to all women. Please forgive me, Dorothy…
Dorothy: Um…Um, er… I…
Saul: How did that sound, Dorothy?
Dorothy: …Wh-What?
Saul: I pondered a lot, but that was the best excuse I could come up with.
Dorothy: ……
Saul: V-Violence is not appropriate, Dorothy… Our loving God surely would not approve of someone pointing her bow at an ally…
Dorothy: I don’t care! You’d better get out of my sight before I shoot you!
Saul: Sigh… What are you so upset about?
Dorothy: It’s your fault!