Saul & Igrene

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Saul: Oh, dear God…
Igrene: ?
Saul: That I am able to meet such a beautiful woman… This day must surely be blessed.
Igrene: …Do you need something?
Saul: Yes, indeed! …Ah, before that… I am Saul. It would be an honor to know your name as well…
Igrene: I am Igrene. So…what do you need?
Saul: Ah, such a beautiful name, as I had imagined. Igrene… If I were to describe the pleasure of hearing such an elegant name…
Igrene: No, there is no need to describe it. Do you need something?
Saul: Do you know of the Elimine Church, Igrene? It is very popular among the nobility, because when you pray deeply, all of your dreams will come true immediately!
Igrene: Oh…is that what you want. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in God…
Saul: Oh, but you must. If you don’t follow the Elimine Church, you will be cursed!
Igrene: …Is that the kind of God that you follow?
Saul: Oh, no, I was just kidding around. How about if we have dinner together some evening, and I can teach you about God’s love…

*Igrene leaves while Saul is speaking*

Saul: Um, Igrene? Where are you going?

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Saul: Ah, Igrene!
Igrene: …You again.
Saul: It is truly a miracle that we can meet again like this. God must have guided me toward you.
Igrene: Yes, that’s nice. Well, then, I must be going…
Saul: Oh, please wait! It is a wonderful thing to believe, Igrene!
Igrene: Yes, I know. I used to believe in God as well. Although it is a
different God from yours, I think I was fairly serious about it.
Saul: Really? Why did you stop believing?
Igrene: Several years ago…I stopped praying. It was after I lost a loved one in battle.
Saul: …I see.
Igrene: Those who pray to God expect something in return. But they will never receive anything, and that causes them to hate God. I think that it would be a lot less trouble to think that no such being exists in the first place.
Saul: …… Yes, you are right.
Igrene: …Is it all right for a priest like you to be saying that?
Saul: It is all right, I am an open-minded person. However, Saint Elimine did say this: ‘God does not help us because He believes in us.’
Igrene: Believes…in us?
Saul: Yes.

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Igrene: Father Saul.
Saul: Oh, Igrene! What is the matter? Ah, so you finally decided to give in to the urge to come see me…
Igrene: It is about what you said the other day… You said that God does not help us because He believes in us.
Saul: This is what Saint Elimine said… God, who created this world, is all-powerful. He can change people and the world. He can alter us humans so that we would not be fighting like this. However, is that really the right way?
Igrene: ……
Saul: Humans that act according to God’s will alone would only be mindless puppets. God believes that we humans can change, that we can learn from our mistakes. God knows that we can overcome our hardships to achieve peace and harmony.
Igrene: …… I don’t believe in God, but I respect people who think as you do. Thank you for your time, Father Saul. I must be off now…
Saul: Please, it is my pleasure to be able to help you. Now, we can go on to discuss our dinner meeting… …Igrene? Where are you going?