Saul & Yodel

C Support

Yodel: Saul…
Saul: Bishop Yodel… Do you need something from me?
Yodel: No…I thought we might talk a bit. Are you properly performing your missionary duties?
Saul: Of course, Bishop Yodel. Due to my hard work, we are getting more followers every day. Please take a look at this list…
Yodel: …Hm. It seems that there are an overwhelmingly large number of ladies’ names on this list.
Saul: Well, this, you see…is that.
Yodel: That?
Saul: So… They must have understood my pure intentions more than the gentlemen did.
Yodel: Oh, I see. Very good.
Saul: Yes, thank you.
Yodel: But Saul, please do not forget that your main purpose is your missionary work.

*Yodel leaves*

Saul: …… Can’t beat him, can I…

B Support

Yodel: Saul, how is your mission coming along?
Saul: Ah, yes, as I notified you in my letter, Master Roy is in possession of the Fire Emblem now.
Yodel: Has anything else happened worth noting?
Saul: No, not really.
Yodel: I see… I am sorry I put you through this, Saul.
Saul: No, please don’t be. I did it all for our loving Saint Elimine.
Yodel: Yes, of course, that is very noble of you. …Oh, Saul. We have been getting complaints from Master Merlinus that you are following Princess Guinevere everywhere she goes…
Saul: Well, Bishop Yodel, that is my mission.
Yodel: Saul, your mission was to keep an eye on the Fire Emblem. And you mentioned that it is now in the hands of Master Roy, not Princess Guinevere.
Saul: …Well, yes, you are right. But Bishop Yodel, please consider this. I do not think that I should be following Master Roy everywhere just because he has the Emblem… That would surely go against my ethics.
Yodel: …Saul?

A Support

Yodel: Saul, perhaps it is time to relieve you from your mission.
Saul: What do you mean, Bishop Yodel?
Yodel: I believe I know Master Roy well enough to trust him. The Fire Emblem will be safe in his hands. What we were fearing surely will not happen now. Do you not agree?
Saul: Perhaps you are right. …However, I wish to continue my mission a little longer.
Yodel: I see…
Saul: Of course, I understand what you are saying, Bishop Yodel. Master Roy is certainly a noble person. Still… I think that this world is a bit too ugly yet for Master Roy to handle. I think that I know that more than the other priests…
Yodel: Saul…
Saul: Well, I am still a youngster. You may forget what I said, Bishop Yodel.
Yodel: I see… All right, then. …Oh, Saul. I recently found this…
Saul: Oh? This is…
Yodel: ‘All wounds treated freely! Special discounts for new members now. Sign up today!’ This…treating God like some sort of vulnerary… I certainly do not want to think that someone serving God would write something like this…
Saul: ……
Yodel: …Saul, would you like to listen to my lecturing for a little while?
Saul: Oh, Bishop Yodel, I am certainly not worthy of having the privilege of listening to your…
Yodel: …Would you like to listen?
Saul: …Yes, yes I would, Bishop Yodel…