Shin & Dayan

C Support

Shin: Chief.
Dayan: Shin… I’m sorry I put you through such a difficult task. I must thank you for finding my granddaughter.
Shin: It was nothing, Chief.
Dayan: It must not have been an easy journey. Where did you go after you left us?
Shin: After we lost the battle, I set out looking for Lady Sue. I traversed through Lycia and crossed the ocean to the Western Isles. That is where I found her. It was several months after you gave me the order.
Dayan: I see… It has been that long since we lost that battle.
Shin: Chief…
Dayan: We lost many of our clansmen. …Young ones, too.
Shin: But you have survived, Chief. No matter how separated the clan is, you can bring us back together.

B Support

Shin: The nations in the west, such as Lycia and Etruria were very different from Sacae. There were soldiers clad in heavy armor that would not allow our arrows to pass.
Dayan: So I would imagine. In the vast plains of Sacae, horses are crucial. However, in more crowded areas, key points are defended by soldiers such as the ones you speak of.
Shin: Yes.
Dayan: It is not surprising that some of our tactics fail on foreign battlefields.
Shin: ……
Dayan: Betrayal and trickery are but mere tactics to them. It is only us who think that such methods are dirty. It is no surprise that we lose.
Shin: …But… I cannot agree with such…dirty fighting.
Dayan: Even so, you must accept the fact that people use it. We must be prepared for it when it it used on us.

A Support

Dayan: Shin.
Shin: Yes?
Dayan: Father Sky has not brought only misfortune to us. Some good things happened to us after we lost. Especially for you.
Shin: What do you mean?
Dayan: The land isn’t as it used to be. We Sacaeans must think with broader perspectives outside of the clans.
Shin: But Chief…
Dayan: You seem to have learned much during your travels. I’m already too old to change my way of thinking. But you are still young. It is your responsibility to lead Sacae to a brighter future. This is an order from your Chief, Shin. It is up to you youths to decide Sacae’s fate.
Shin: Yes…