Sue & Dayan

C Support

Sue: Grandpa.
Dayan: Sue? What’s wrong?
Sue: I must apologize.
Dayan: Because you couldn’t get all of our clansmen to escape?
Sue: ……
Dayan: There was a traitor among us. It couldn’t be helped.
Sue: Yes, it could. I am the granddaughter of the Silver Wolf. I had to be able to lead our clansmen to safety, no matter what the situation. But I…
Dayan: I’m the one who gave you those orders. It is my responsibility.
Sue: But…
Dayan: Did you abandon your fellow clansmen and flee all on your own?
Sue: Never! When the enemy appeared, I rushed at them to make time for our people to escape. But that was a decoy… The enemy’s main forces were stationed right where everyone fled to…
Dayan: Good. You did your best. I’m sure you can’t forget it so easily, but you must at least get over it.
Sue: Yes… I’ll try.

B Support

Dayan: Sue, are you feeling better now?
Sue: ……
Dayan: I see you’re still suffering over it. Well, I suppose you can’t get over it that easily…
Sue: I… I just let our people…
Dayan: …Sue, let’s go out for a long ride after this battle.
Sue: A long ride? In a time like this?
Dayan: Especially in a time like this. You could get yourself killed fighting with other things occupying your mind. Do you understand?
Sue: Yes. But…
Dayan: You must listen more carefully to the voice of Father Sky and Mother Earth. We humans are but tiny creatures compared to the size of the great Sky and Earth. Haven’t I always been telling you this?
Sue: But I am listening…!
Dayan: No, you’re only listening to your own voice. We’re leaving for a while after this battle. Understood?
Sue: …I’ll do as you say.
Dayan: Good girl.

A Support

Dayan: You look a lot better now, Sue.
Sue: Yes. I still can’t forget that I couldn’t rescue our fellow clansmen, but I’ve decided not to dwell over the past anymore. I’ll look towards the future.
Dayan: Ah, it seems that you’ve learned something from our ride the other day.
Sue: I was able to listen to nature’s voices for a change.
Dayan: Good! I couldn’t stand seeing you look so distressed.
Sue: I never had such a look on my face. No one ever told me that.
Dayan: The others wouldn’t know, but I would. I’m your grandfather. I’ve known you ever since you were born.
Sue: Oh… Grandpa.
Dayan: What?
Sue: Thank you.
Dayan: I was only doing my duty as your Grandpa.
Sue: Yes, I know.