Treck & Juno

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Juno: Treck? Oh…he was here just a minute ago… Hm? What’s this…did he drop it when he left? It has a lot of small writing on it… Let’s see… …’I became a horse.’ …’I tried running.’ …’I got tired.’ …???

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Juno: Oh, Treck. I was looking for you.
Treck: Oh, hullo, Lady Juno.
Juno: You look sleepy as usual. Oh, right… Here. Is this yours?
Treck: Huh? Ah… Yeah, it’s mine. I lost it the other day…
Juno: I thought so. I’m sorry, but I read a little of it… What are you writing about?
Treck: Well, I write down what kind of dreams I have on this piece of paper.
Juno: Dreams?
Treck: Yes. When I look at it, I remember all the kinds of dreams I’ve had so far, and it helps me sleep well. Yawn…
Juno: Oh, I see. That sounds interesting… Maybe I should try, too.

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Juno: Treck?
Treck: Yes?
Juno: Can you show me that paper with your dreams on it again? It seems I’ve become interested in it.
Treck: Uhm… Sure.
Juno: Thank you. ‘I was praised by General Zealot.’ He comes out in your dreams, too?
Treck: Yeah, he does.
Juno: Let’s see… ‘The war ended.’ ‘It became peaceful.’ ‘Spring came to Ilia.’ ‘Everyone lived and slept happily ever after…’ ……
Treck: Huh? Is something wrong, Lady Juno?
Juno: …No, I’m sorry. …… Can you show me your dreams sometime again, Treck?
Treck: Well… It’s kinda emabarrassing, to tell you the truth. But okay, you can see them. I’ll go to sleep now so you can get the latest ones.
Juno: Thank you, Treck.