Treck & Miredy

C Support

Miredy: You must be one of Ilia’s Mercenary Knights.
Treck: Yeah… I’m Treck.
Miredy: I am Miredy. Pleased to meet you.
Treck: You’re…
Miredy: Yes… I am Dragon Knight from Bern, as you probably suspected.
Treck: Oh, I see.
Miredy: What… What do you think of the fact that a knight from Bern is fighting alongside you?
Treck: Well… You know, so what?
Miredy: S…So what?
Treck: It’s not like people from Bern have seven ears or anything.
Miredy: …Well, no, I only have two.
Treck: See? So we’re all brothers and sisters, you know?
Miredy: Do…you think so?
Treck: Yup.

B Support

Treck: Ahh… That hurt.
Miredy: Is something wrong, Sir Treck?
Treck: Hm? Um, you’re…
Miredy: Miredy. Is something wrong?
Treck: Well… I was just sitting here watching you fight.
Miredy: Watching me fight?
Treck: Yeah. My neck aches now.
Miredy: I…see.
Treck: Yeah. And I was kinda thinking… Maybe you have a loved one in Bern? Like family or a lover or something?
Miredy: …N-No, that’s not the case. I live for Princess Guinevere…
Treck: Oh, okay. Yeah, I thought so. My assumptions are usually wrong.
Miredy: ……
Treck: Oh well, guess I hurt my neck for nothing.

A Support

Treck: Um, you’re…
Miredy: …Miredy. Do you always forget people’s names?
Treck: It’s a hobby.
Miredy: …… You are an odd individual, Sir Treck.
Treck: Do you think so? I think I’m pretty normal. Everyone tells me that they envy me because I look like I have no worries or anything. I have my concerns, too, you know.
Miredy: Oh? Like what?
Treck: Well, the other day, I dreamed that I was a horse.
Miredy: …A horse.
Treck: I think that this dream has some kind of hidden meaning somewhere… It’s been bothering me for some time now, and I’ve only been able to sleep at night.
Miredy: Well… Thank you, Sir Treck.
Treck: Huh?
Miredy: I feel a little better now.
Treck: Really? Why would that be?