Treck & Noah

C Support

Treck: …Zzz…
Noah: ……
Treck: …Uh… Oh, Noah… You were there?
Noah: Yeah, I’ve been here for a while now. Well, I’m used to it, so I don’t mind you falling asleep every ten seconds. But you know, don’t you have anything else to do?
Treck: Like what?
Noah: Like practicing your swings during our marches, or something.
Treck: Well… How about you? Have you been doing anything?
Noah: Me? …Not really. …I guess I’m no different from you, then. Hey, what were you doing back in Ilia during the break?
Treck: I slept.
Noah: I mean other than that.
Treck: Well… Oh, I went fishing. You know how the lakes all freeze over in the winter? You punch holes in the ice with your spear and lower some string inside.
Noah: Sounds exactly like something you would do. What can you catch?
Treck: Nothing. It’s just fun to sit there staring off into space, holding the string.
Noah: …You really live life to the fullest.
Treck: What were you doing?
Noah: …… …Nothing much, really.

B Support

Noah: Treck, do you remember Casis?
Treck: Casis? Hmm… I sort of remember that name…
Noah: You don’t remember? He’s the guy who forgot to bring his weapons to our first mission.
Treck: Oh, right! He was getting scolded with me by General Zealot. He even forgot to bring his horse, you know. He was fighting on foot! I never thought there’d be someone dumber than me in our squad.
Noah: Well, he’s dead. He was hired by Bern… He died close to here.
Treck: …Oh.
Noah: Mercenaries are in high demand right now… We could have ended up fighting him if we were unlucky.
Treck: Well… We’re for hire, you know. It happens.
Noah: Well, I guess you’re right… I really envy that personality of yours…

A Support

Noah: ……
Treck: Hmm? Something wrong, Noah?
Noah: No… I was just thinking some things over.
Treck: Thinking things over? Don’t bother. We’re not made to be thinking deeply like that.
Noah: …I guess. You know, this war… I mean, I never meant to go out and save the world or anything, but we’ve fought through a lot of battles.
Treck: Yeah.
Noah: But Ilia’s the same as always. Our kids, and our kids’ kids… They’ll be fighting to make a living, just like we do. I was just wondering… Couldn’t we do anything?
Treck: I wonder…
Noah: Maybe it’s just futile for us to try and make a difference…
Treck: Well… That’s all right, too.
Noah: It is…?
Treck: Yeah. At least I think so. We go through hard times, but isn’t that all part of life?
Noah: …Maybe so. …Hey, Treck.
Treck: Yeah?
Noah: Take me along the next time you go fishing.