Ward & Echidna

C Support

Echidna: Hey, you’re from the Western Isles, aren’t you?
Ward: How did you know?
Echidna: I can tell by your face.
Ward: Really? Something tells me otherwise…
Echidna: Are you going back to your hometown after the war? If you are, I could use your help.
Ward: Help doing what?
Echidna: Now you’re talking. You see, I have a plan to build a new village on the Western Isles for those people who lost their homes in the war. I was wondering if you could help out.
Ward: What do you want me to do?
Echidna: Oh, lots of things. Chopping firewood, laundry, cooking…
Ward: …I’m not a servant, you know. I’m going to live as a mercenary. Sorry, but could you ask someone else…
Echidna: So that means you’ll help us out. I knew just by looking at your eyes that you’d understand…
Ward: Wait, that’s not what I said! Don’t put words in my mouth!
Echidna: …Don’t lie to yourself. You know you want to.
Ward: Right, I know I don’t want to!
Echidna: Come on, your eyes are saying that you want to help.
Ward: No, they’re not!

B Support

Echidna: Hey.
Ward: You again… I’m not helping, all right?
Echidna: Trust me, you don’t want to be a mercenary. You never know when you’re going to die. And besides, you’re weak.
Ward: Erg… You’ll regret saying that… You don’t want to piss me off.
Echidna: Oh?
Ward: What are you looking at me like that for! I once killed monsters stronger than any human, you know!
Echidna: Wow, now that’s something. What kind of beast was it?
Ward: …Near my village…there’s this weird cave. When I was a kid, there were rumors that the cave was filled with strange creatures. So one day I took Lott and went to defeat them.
Echidna: Yeah?
Ward: The inside of the cave was damp… I could tell something wasn’t right. Lott was scared, but I was fine. I led the way…and suddenly, there they were. The monsters were crawling all over the cave floor. Long, skinny bodies writhing around, and they were all scaly and spotted…
Echidna: Snakes?
Ward: …… …Well, I guess they did sorta look like snakes. But these were no ordinary snakes. They were real monsters, with poison and strange dances and all sorts of moves…
Echidna: Yeah…I guess. Where is this cave?
Ward: …What?
Echidna: I’ll go check it out on the way to the village site. I’m kind of curious about it now.
Ward: B-But I already killed all the monsters, so…
Echidna: You said they were all over the cave floor. One might have escaped. They’re no ordinary snakes, right? I really want to see them.
Ward: Erg…

A Support

Echidna: Well, we meet again. Well? Doesn’t looking at my face make you want to help out?
Ward: No. …But… When this war is over, it might be a good idea to go back to my hometown. If I get bored, I might drop by and help.
Echidna: Do you have family back home?
Ward: What? Yeah, I have an older sister who’s always yelling at me.
Echidna: …Sigh… You’re pretty stupid, aren’t you?
Ward: Stupid? What do you mean by stupid…
Echidna: You’ve got a home to return to. You’ve got someone waiting for you. Then go home. You shouldn’t worry your family so much.
Ward: ……
Echidna: You can help us out if you want, but first, you have to go back home to your sister. Got it?
Ward: Y-Yeah, you don’t have to tell me… Damn, it feels like I’ve got another older sister now…