Ward & Lott

C Support

Ward: All right, who’s next! Bring it on!
Lott: Ward, can’t you calm down a bit?
Ward: Eh? What’s that? You scared, Lott?
Lott: As if!
Ward: Well then, we’re fine, right? I go charging in, and you cover up the small parts for me. We’ve been doing great like that all this time.
Lott: Well, yeah, but…
Ward: But what?
Lott: Mary asked me to take care of you.
Ward: Sis said that? Geez, I’m not a kid anymore…
Lott: I hope you’re right.
Ward: Did you say something?
Lott: No, nothing.

B Support

Lott: Ward, you seem to be doing well today.
Ward: Of course! I’m always doing great. You better do well, too, you know. You gotta make money to buy medicine for your mom…
Lott: …That’s all right, now.
Ward: Huh? What do you mean?
Lott: Mom, she… She didn’t make it.
Ward: What!? Why didn’t you tell me?
Lott: If I told you, you’d be yelling at me to go home to Myu, right?
Ward: What do you think! Myu’s all alone now. Don’t you care about your own sister?
Lott: But that was during a job. I couldn’t pass it up.
Ward: …Lott?
Lott: What?
Ward: You’re more stupid than I thought.
Lott: …Maybe so.

A Support

Lott: Ward, you’re acting strange lately. You got something to say to me?
Ward: …Lott.
Lott: Yeah?
Ward: Don’t die. You better not die.
Lott: What the…
Ward: If you were killed, what would happen to Myu? She’s still just a little girl, and she’ll be forced to live on her own.
Lott: But you’re the same. If you were killed, Mary would be upset.
Ward: Oh sure, like that bitch is gonna get upset over me.
Lott: …You don’t really feel that way.
Ward: ……
Lott: It’s not that ‘I’ won’t die. ‘We’ won’t die. Eventually, we’ll go home, back to our hometown.
Ward: …It’s just a rundown village with dirty rivers and no green at all.
Lott: But it’s our hometown, and there are people waiting for us there.
Ward: Yeah, you’re right.