Wolt & Sue

C Support

Wolt: All right, where’s the next enemy…
Sue: ……
Wolt: ? Do you need something, Sue?
Sue: You use a bow, too.
Wolt: Yeah, I do.
Sue: Why don’t you ride on a horse?
Wolt: Why? Well… I’ve always fought like this, on my feet.
Sue: Isn’t it hard to fight on the ground?
Wolt: No, not really. I mean, I think it would be harder trying to shoot from horseback.
Sue: I see…

*Sue leaves*

Wolt: Uh, Sue? …What was that all about?

B Support

Sue: Wolt.
Wolt: Oh hi, Sue.
Sue: I still think it’s better on horseback.
Wolt: What? …Do you mean about fighting with a bow?
Sue: Yes. With a horse, it’s easier to approach and step back from your target.
Wolt: Well, I’m sure it’s up to each his own… Wait, did you actually get off your horse and try shooting from the ground?
Sue: I wouldn’t know unless I actually try.
Wolt: But that’s dangerous! If you do something you’re not used to during battle, you could get yourself killed!
Sue: No, not in battle. I was just shooting at some trees during our breaks.
Wolt: Oh…
Sue: Thank you.
Wolt: ?
Sue: Thank you for being concerned about me.
Wolt: Well… We’re allies in the same army, right?

A Support

Sue: Wolt? What’s the matter? You’re out of breath.
Wolt: …Geez, it sure is tough trying to keep up with a horse… I mean, remember how you said that it was easier to keep up with your target on horseback? So…
Sue: You tried it?
Wolt: I wouldn’t know unless I actually try. Remember?
Sue: How did you do?
Wolt: Well, you can’t beat a horse’s speed. Still, I think it’s more stable on foot, so…
Sue: I thought it was dangerous to try something you’re not used to during battle?
Wolt: …Oh. …Well, I only tried it for a little bit, so it’s okay.
Sue: If you want to take advantage of a horse’s speed, you can ride behind me.
Wolt: That’s all right with you?
Sue: Although, I don’t think you’ll be able to shoot very well.
Wolt: Shoot very well? I probably wouldn’t even be able to stay on! Yeah… I think I should stay on the ground. It seems to be more fit for me.
Sue: Haha… Perhaps you’re right.