Zealot & Tate

C Support

Tate: General Zealot, I’m sure you know already, but my mission has been accomplished. Still, I wish to remain in this army.
Zealot: All right. You know, fate can work in strange ways. We were hired by the Lycia Alliance Army, and you were hired by the Etrurian Army… I never would have thought that we would meet.
Tate: Yes. Although Etruria didn’t seem to view us very highly, General Klein was caring.
Zealot: I see… Juno was pretty worried about you and Thany. Knowing you, I would think you’d be all right. But you know Juno, she’s a worrier.
Tate: Yes, I understand. Our sister was often too soft on Thany and me. The day we left was a hectic one indeed. Juno was constantly fretting over us, worrying about our meals, our clothes…
Zealot: Haha, that’s Juno.

B Support

Zealot: I was wondering… Juno’s…your parents… What were they like?
Tate: Haven’t you heard from Juno?
Zealot: No. All I know is that they were soldiers.
Tate: Yes, our mother was a Pegasus Knight. Our parents were killed together on the same battlefield when we were still young.
Zealot: ……
Tate: We had no other relatives to depend on… Juno became our mother, when she was only a teenager…
Zealot: I see.
Tate: While an ordinary girl of her age would be concerning herself with romance, Juno had to be our mother. But she never complained… She always looked after us with a smile on her face. That’s why… That’s why I always wanted Juno to find happiness.

A Support

Zealot: …I have to thank you for helping us with the wedding. You set up the place and cooked for us… Oh, and Juno was very pleased with the wedding gift you and Thany sent us.
Tate: Really…? I actually didn’t want to send it… But Thany won’t listen once she’s made up her mind.
Zealot: Hahaha… That was an interesting gift, though. But… I have to apologize to Juno about that wedding. If only I had more… If only our nation were wealthier, I could have given her a more proper and elegant wedding…
Tate: I doubt Juno feels that way at all. I’m very grateful to you, General Zealot. Your wedding… I had never seen Juno with such a happy face before. I want to thank you for what you’ve done for her.