Bartre & Renault

C Support

Bartre: Ho there!
Renault: …? And you are?
Bartre: I am Bartre! I strive to be the best! What say you to a match?
Renault: …What a strange fellow. Well, first off, I think you’ve chosen the wrong opponent. What use is there in fighting a man of the cloth like myself?
Bartre: Do not try to hide your skill from me, man! You may say mass on Sundays, but you brawl your week away! Do you read the rites to your fallen foes, Your Excellency?
Renault: …You are wrong about me.
Bartre: You don’t fool me! I can spot a true warrior! Why, of the last ten men I spotted, nearly half were strong warriors!
Renault: …So you’re only right half of the time?
Bartre: …Nearly half! But I know I’m right this time! That glint in your eye, that’s the shine of your inner steel, man! Now, have at you!
Renault: …You must be joking.
Bartre: W-Wait! And you call yourself the toughest priest alive!?

B Support

Bartre: Wait!
Renault: You again… Look, there’s no time for this, is there?
Bartre: Quiet! A warrior trains himself constantly!
Renault: …It’s…Bartre, is it not?
Bartre: Right!
Renault: Why do you seek strength, my son?
Bartre: What?
Renault: …I have seen many warriors. Most sought power for their own reasons… to acquire something or to control someone… What is your reason?
Bartre: Ruuoooggghhh!!
Renault: What is it?!
Bartre: Difficult conversations make…head hurt!
Renault: …What an odd fellow.
Bartre: Hey, are you calling me stupid?!
Renault: I…don’t believe so. What is your dream, son? What do you seek?
Bartre: I dunno! I don’t think about things like that! I want to be strong! That is what I seek!
Renault: …How odd. Very well. Once this battle is finished, I will spar with you until you are satisfied.
Bartre: Really?! Thanks! I mean it!

A Support

Bartre: Renault!
Renault: Ah, yes, my son?
Bartre: You’re no man of faith! You lied! You said we would fight!
Renault: …So I did. But there is already fighting everywhere. We have no time.
Bartre: Nggghhh! Don’t make excuses! Tell me, Bishop, why were you on the Dread Isle?! The time you spent there turned you evil! That’s why you broke your promise!
Renault: Now, I don’t think that– Look here… Just calm down. You’ll never be the strongest if you die of a heart attack first. I can heal your pains, but you must relax.
Bartre: I don’t need your prayers! Don’t heal me–just punch me!
Renault: Punch you? Me?
Bartre: Yeah! Warriors speak with their fists!
Renault: I don’t really understand, but will my punching you really make you feel better?
Bartre: As hard as you can!
Renault: Well, all right then. Like this?
Bartre: Gwooh!
Bartre: You hit me in the eye… Cra…zy…priest…
Renault: Bartre? Hey, get up. …He passed out. …So I have to punch him, and then I have to heal him? Elimine, grant me the grace to endure this man…