Dart & Geitz

C Support

Geitz: Bored, bored, bored… Say, you’re a pirate, aren’t you? Let’s do something exciting!
Dart: A word of advice, friend. Never sneak up on a man unfolding a treasure map!! Or…are you offering to come with me? That’s why you’re here, right?
Geitz: What’s that?
Dart: Pfaw! That’s why you never get anything done! If you’ve got time to complain, then you’ve got time to fight!
Geitz: I have an attention span of only about half an hour. Too bad, huh? Heh, heh!
Dart: Man, are you ever useless!
Geitz: God, this is all just so dull. Why can’t something interesting happen?

B Support

Geitz: I’m hungry. When’s lunch? Food, food, food… Hey, pirate, go pilfer me some delicious swag from Merlinus!!
Dart: Geitz! Quit wasting my time!
Geitz: Right, right–how about fighting? Why don’t you go do some fighting for me?
Dart: Who are you giving orders to, fool!? Yarr!
Geitz: Umm, to you, I guess. I’ve always had help around, you see… Why, even as a child, I always had Nan-Nan and Grampy to help dress me… Hey! Stop it! Dart! I was joking about the swag! Put that axe away!
Dart: …… You know, when you left the merchants guild, I thought I might actually like to partner up with you… But you just don’t change, do you? You just wander about, trying any new thing, and you never finish anything! You just keep doing that, over and over!
Geitz: ……
Dart: Geitz… What is your life about, anyway? What’s the point? Go ahead and be bored all your life, just stay out of my way!
Geitz: …Ouch. I really didn’t need to hear all that…

A Support

Geitz: Hey, Dart! About earlier… I’m sorry. I was just…trying to goad you into a fight.
Dart: ……
Geitz: You know, all this time, I’ve resented it. You just…you had so much when I had so little.
Dart: ……
Geitz: We first met in Badon, remember? Fargus had raided my family’s boat. Dad and I… We went to get new freight and a new crew… When Dad was haggling, I saw some pirates… Compared to our ship, theirs was a total wreck… But… it looked so much better to me…
Dart: Of course it did! That ship was our pride and joy!
Geitz: Well, I never had the chance to love something like that… So I resented you… And I don’t want to die feeling that way… I mean…what will I leave in this world when I die?
Dart: Bah! You daft fool! I’ve had nothing that you can’t find! Just travel everywhere, and live like there’s no tomorrow. In time, you’ll find everything you need… …So don’t give up!
Geitz: …S-Sure.
Dart: Now, let’s go! Just throw yourself fully into the first thing you see!
Geitz: Yeah!
Dart: Geitz!
Geitz: Hm?
Dart: When this battle is over, would you like to board our ship?
Geitz: Yeah… I would. The ocean…that’s where I belong.
Dart: Aye, that’s my sailor!