Eliwood & Fiora

C Support

Eliwood: So, Fiora, have you gotten used to being in our ranks?
Fiora: Yes. Thank you, my lord. We mercenaries are quick to adapt to new commands.
Eliwood: Yes, you are of the Pegasus knights of Ilia, are you not? Seeing the way you fight, I can imagine their quality.
Fiora: Your praise is an honor. I will do my best not to betray your trust in my skills.
Eliwood: Please, don’t worry about formalities with me. We are equals, fighting together for a common cause.
Fiora: Equals… But, my lord…
Eliwood: I like to think of everyone in this troop as a friend, regardless of standing, gender, or age. All are friends, and all are irreplaceable.
Fiora: … …
Eliwood: You seem surprised. “There goes another naïve lordling with his head in the clouds…” Something like that?
Fiora: No, never! But… I didn’t imagine that a lordling of Lycia could think that way for long.
Eliwood: You speak the truth, of course. But what I said was no lie.
Fiora: Lord Eliwood! I… You see, I… Speaking personally, I like that way of thinking… I just do not believe it possible.
Eliwood: I’ll take that as a compliment.

B Support

Eliwood: Fiora, tell me… You are Florina’s elder sister, are you not?
Fiora: I am. She is a shy girl, always aware of other people’s eyes. When she went off for her apprenticeship I worried and worried.
Eliwood: You are a good sister.
Fiora: I wish that were so.
Eliwood: You are both knights, yes? That’s rare in Lycia.
Fiora: Yes, as children we decided that we would become Pegasus knights. I did not want to send my own child sister to war… But Ilia offered few options other than the mercenary way.
Eliwood: I see. My father once told me of your homeland, long ago. The ground of Ilia is covered year-round in the whitest snow, he said, and it is a harsh life for the people who live there. Yet because many Ilians turn to being mercenaries, they are looked down upon– without reason– by other lands.
Fiora: Yes… But there is nothing to be done about it. No matter how many tears we shed, the snow will not melt. Better to fight for my homeland and win honor that way, as a member of the Pegasus knights of Ilia.
Eliwood: Fiora, I can tell you have a strong sense of responsibility. But do not be too hard on yourself. Should you overwork yourself and fall, you will end up with nothing.
Fiora: Yes… I would say the same to you, Lord Eliwood.

A Support

Eliwood: Fiora.
Fiora: Yes, Lord Eliwood?
Eliwood: I had a thought while watching you fight. I feared you may be working too hard. Resting is as important as fighting, remember.
Fiora: Thank you, my lord. But… I am a Pegasus knight of Ilia. When I think of the people of my homeland, I cannot but fight harder.
Eliwood: Still…
Fiora: My performance here reflects on all the knights of Ilia. The more tasks I complete, the bigger the reward I bring home, and the happier my people may live.
Eliwood: What about happiness?
Fiora: What?
Eliwood: I know your homeland of Ilia is a poor land. And I know thoughts of your sister weigh heavily in your mind. But do not forget you have a right to happiness, too. Were you to become a sacrifice for your country… that would not do. No one would be happy, then.
Fiora: Lord Eliwood…
Eliwood: Forgive me, perhaps it is not my place. Still, watching you… I felt I had to say something. For someone as talented as yourself not to find happiness… Well, that would be the greatest tragedy of all.
Fiora: … … I must admit… That is the first time anyone has ever said something like that to me. … …
Eliwood: … …
Fiora: But…let us not linger here overlong.
Eliwood: Yes… Yes, of course.
Fiora: I beg your leave.
Eliwood: Ah, wait a moment. Fiora!
Fiora: Yes?
Eliwood: I would like you to stay nearby, by my side. So that I can… So that I may protect you.
Fiora: Lord Eliwood… Yes, I… I understand.