Erk & Pent

C Support

Erk: Lord Pent!
Pent: Erk, what are you doing here?
Erk: While protecting Lady Priscilla of House Caerleon, I encountered many… unusual circumstances that brought me to join Lord Eliwood on this journey from Laus.
Pent: Is that so? Then you have endured much.
Erk: Hardly, master… And so… Do you fight with this army as well?
Pent: Of course. Nergal is as powerful a sorcerer as my own teacher. I’m sure I offer little assistance on my own, but… …I do try to do what I can…
Erk: How could you say that?! Lord Pent, they could have no stronger ally than you!! It is an honor for any of them to fight by your side!!
Pent: Well, Erk. About Nergal… You must tell me everything you have heard… No matter how trivial.
Erk: Of course!!

B Support

Erk: …Nghh… ……
Pent: Erk! Get a hold of yourself!!
Erk: Ah!!
Pent: You are using too much magic… This is not good… It requires a severe remedy, but I have no choice. … …
Erk: Master…Pent?
Pent: So you are with us, Erk? Can you move? Do you feel numbness anywhere?
Erk: Ah…no. I feel…fine, master.
Pent: Oh. Very good then.
Erk: Ahh! Master! You have given me half of your magic, haven’t you?! How could I have made you do such a thing…in the midst of battle!!
Pent: Erk, you really do bring my ire… How could I do such a thing?! Why, using all the magic in your body… Don’t you know that you could have killed yourself?!
Erk: F-Forgive me… I thought I would cast…one more spell…before I rested… But then all of those enemy units appeared… I used more magic… than anticipated.
Pent: Did I not teach you that the accomplished mage has mastery of his own resources in addition to mastery of the spell?
Erk: Yes, master…
Pent: Reflect upon that, Erk. Now, back to battle.
Erk: M-Master? I truly am…sorry.
Pent: Don’t make that face. Everyone makes mistakes. Just don’t make the same one twice, understand? Got it?
Erk: Y-Yes!!

A Support