Farina & Karla

C Support

Farina: Hey, you! Wait up!
Karla: What?
Farina: I’m Farina! I am a pegasus knight of Ilia!
Karla: …I’m Karla.
Farina: Nice to meet you, Karla! So…I’ll get right to the point. How much are they paying you? Just so you know, I’m getting 20,000 gold!
Karla: …… I have not received any money.
Farina: No way!!
Karla: Why do you look so surprised? There’s nothing I could use the money for, anyway.
Farina: Wha–?!
Karla: Hm?
Farina: So, Karla…let me see if I’ve got this right…You don’t need the money? But, darling, don’t you know? A woman needs an income! Maybe…you just don’t know much about how the world works, right?
Karla: Hmm… Perhaps it is as you say… I am not…connected to this world very strongly. So…most people fight for money, do they? …Perhaps I will ask Lord Hector about it someday.
Farina: Yeah… Yeah, you do that… Maybe you can get back pay!! We should go in there and both renegotiate our contracts… Maybe our combined efforts will inspire him to give us a special bonus!

B Support

Farina: Say, Karla, you’re from Sacae, right?
Karla: Yes, you could say that… I’ve heard that my ancestors sailed here from across the seas, however…
Farina: So the tribes in Sacae, they all, like, dance around a fire and chant “Ooga Booga,” don’t they?
Karla: …They do?
Farina: Don’t they? You did say Sacae, didn’t you? Karla, you really don’t know much about the world, do you?
Karla: …I guess I don’t. Talking with you has been very…illuminating. …I grew up in a place that had no contact with Sacae. Where I grew up, I was not even allowed to touch a sword like this.
Farina: Why not?
Karla: Because I am a woman. Women were not allowed to bear swords. Women in my house were told to do what men say.
Farina: What a tired bunch of hogwash! Men aren’t all that great, let me tell you! Unless, you know…they’re rich…
Karla: But it was not only my country that had such rules… I have traveled to many lands… And most are all the same. Farina, are things different where you are from?
Farina: Of course! Well they’re the opposite, anyway! Women are the ones who put bread on the table.
Karla: Is that so?
Farina: Yes! Pegasi will only allow women to ride them! So only women can be Pegasus knights. The men just work the terraced vegetable fields in the mountains.
Karla: I see…
Farina: I guess there is a men’s knight brigade, but it’s pretty terrible. They’re only really good for digging the stables out of snowdrifts after a storm, to be honest… So, it’s kind of like men are not even our equals, really. They’re kind of like luggage, to tell you the truth.
Karla: …That’s too bad. Don’t you find that to be a little severe…? Is there no sane land in this world?

A Support

Farina: So, Karla. What are you going to do after this all ends? I plan on returning home…
Karla: Well, I…
Farina: You haven’t even thought about it? I don’t know what to do with you! You’re just not very organized, are you? So, how did you end up traveling like this, anyway?
Karla: I was looking for someone.
Farina: Let me guess. A man, right?
Karla: Yes…a man… I want to see him…very badly, so I set out traveling. I felt…attached to him. I still can’t seem to let go… I still hope that someday, we can be as we once were…
Farina: Whoa!
Karla: Huh?
Farina: Karla, we’ve got some talking to do. You just can’t spend your life chasing some guy! Capable women live on their own, pay their own bills! Do you see what I’m getting at? Does that make sense?
Karla: Um, yes.
Farina: That’s why you need to be able to make some money! Oh, yeah! Hey, Karla, do you want to be a mercenary with me? We’d be strong and beautiful! Who could resist hiring us? And we could split the payment…mmm…60/40?
Karla: …Hmm. That might be a good idea. Thanks, Farina. If you really want to, I’d be happy to try that.
Farina: So we have a deal?