Hector & Lyn

C Support

Lyn: Hector, got a moment?
Hector: What’s up?
Lyn: Something I heard from Eliwood… You spar with him pretty regularly, right?
Hector: Yup. What of it?
Lyn: I was wondering whether you’d spar with me, too?
Hector: You? I recommend against it. I wouldn’t want to leave a scar on a little one like you.
Lyn: Hey! Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m weak!
Hector: Nah, this isn’t about being a man or a woman. Just… my armor’s heavy riding armor, see? A swordsman such as yourself wouldn’t stand a chance.
Lyn: My! I see. I get it. So you’ve judged my strength already, then.
Hector: That’s not what I’m saying! Oswin once taught me during training a long time ago: Heavy cavalry and swordsmen are like water and…Hey… what’s with the glare?
Lyn: Hector! I challenge you! You’ll see… You take back those words!
Hector: Whoa…

B Support

Hector: Lyn.
Lyn: … …
Hector: Lyn!
Lyn: What?
Hector: I… I, um… I thought it would be disrespectful to hold back, you see… So I went full force, I did.
Lyn: … …
Hector: But I gotta admit, I was surprised. Your sword arm, it’s… You’re stronger than I thought.
Lyn: Why, thank you, Hector. For me, losing to you was a good lesson in my limits.
Hector: …Um, are you listening to me?
Lyn: I’m busy right now. I’m learning some new lunge and thrust patterns.
Hector: Yeah, I thought you were standing different. What is that lunge used for?
Lyn: They say it’s good against axemen in heavy armor.
Hector: Wait, that’s me! You got something personal against me, Lyn? We’re friends, right?
Lyn: Of course we are. But this… this is about me, my limits. I can’t be a burden to either you or Eliwood right now. I can fight. And I will get stronger.
Hector: Lyn…

A Support

Hector: Lyn.
Lyn: Hector…
Hector: Say, Lyn… You remember when we first met?
Lyn: I do, I remember it well. It was when Caelin Castle was taken by Lord Laus. My grandfather had been taken prisoner. And you and Eliwood came to the rescue. Then, together, we fought the armies of Laus.
Hector: Lyn. Why are we together now?
Lyn: Well…
Hector: Because we’re friends, right? Say if you were much stronger than I was… Would that make me useless to you?
Lyn: No… Of course not.
Hector: Fighting isn’t everything on this journey, you know. If fighting was everything, what use would we have of Merlinus?
Lyn: Well, I suppose…
Hector: You are strong. I can vouch for that. Just, I was stronger.
Lyn: Hah!
Hector: W-What!?
Lyn: You’re too much– Saying that kind of things with a straight face.
Hector: You gotta problem with my face? I’ve just gotta be me, you know…
Lyn: Yes, I know. …Thanks. I didn’t think you cared so much about how I felt. Or is Hector gentler at heart than Hector looks? You’ve certainly done much for my courage today.
Hector: Hmph… I’m not this way to just anyone, you know…
Lyn: What?
Hector: A-Ah! The enemy! Let’s go, Lyn! Don’t lag behind!
Lyn: What! W-Wait up!