Isadora & Geitz

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Unknown: Wahh!?
Isadora: ? Lord Geitz?
Unknown: What in–! What is that?!
Isadora: ! Lord Geitz? It’s just a wyvern, but…
Isadora: Lord Geitz? You’re all right… ? …And that?!
Geitz: What does it look like?
Isadora: Like a small bird.
Geitz: That’s what I thought. And now, why is it perched on top of my head?
Isadora: Err…
Geitz: During the fighting, it just came and landed there. It’s not going to kill me, is it? Wuoooh!! Don’t move! I spent two hours this morning on my hair!!
Isadora: Heh! I think it’s, um, nesting.
Geitz: Why on my head? Surely there are other heads!
Isadora: Well…bird are mysterious creatures, I guess. It must have just found your hair to be an appealing nest.
Geitz: But why?! What part of my hairdo looks like a bird’s nest!?
Isadora: Well, if you ask me… I… I think it looks rather cute like this…
Geitz: Surely you jest… Bird! Listen to me! Find another nest!! I am a solitary warrior! A lone wolf! Fly away! Shoo! Shoo!
Isadora: HeeHee…

B Support

Isadora: Lord Geitz. We meet again. And your little head-friend, too… Hello!
Geitz: …… Please. Do not befriend the bird. In fact, can you just help me get rid of it?
Isadora: So, have you named it yet?
Geitz: Look, don’t get it, do you?! This is not a pet!
Isadora: I see. How terrible for this poor little birdy, to be unloved by its master… Don’t lose heart, poor little Wilson…
Geitz: Wait a second! Did you just call it “Wilson”?
Isadora: Well, what would you call it?
Geitz: Huh? A name…? Hmmm…bird names, bird names… Umm… I just don’t think it acts like a “Wilson”…
Isadora: Heehee… Oh? Wilson… He doesn’t look well…
Geitz: Oh, yeah… I tried feeding him… Bits of bread, and bugs I found, and such… But I guess he must need proper bird food.
Isadora: Probably. Let’s ask Merlinus later.
Geitz: Yes, please. …Wait, what am I saying! It’s not a pet! I just didn’t feel like watching it die, you know!
Isadora: Yes… I certainly do.

A Support

Isadora: Hello again, Lord Geitz.
Geitz: ……
Isadora: Oh…? Where is…Wilson?
Geitz: …He was gone when I woke this morning. Perhaps he found some friends and flew away.
Isadora: Perhaps…
Geitz: It’s not like I cared about that stupid bird or anything! In fact, I’m glad to be rid of it! Always chirping every hour of night and day… Are they even supposed to chirp at night?
Isadora: ……
Geitz: ……
Isadora: …Lord Geitz. I heard you were on a journey with no destination. …That you were looking for a place you belonged…
Geitz: Yes…
Isadora: I think that little bird was much like you, then. Perhaps it was on a journey of its own. And…it may have flown ahead to the place where you both belong…
Geitz: …Maybe. You may be right. But let’s just get one thing clear, shall we?
Isadora: Yes?
Geitz: That little seed-eater meant nothing to me! I’m not lonely now that it’s gone! I’m glad to be rid of it!! G-Got it? Just remember that!
Isadora: Right. Duly noted.
Geitz: W-Well, all right. Glad to hear it.
Isadora: Hee hee…