Isadora & Renault

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Isadora: Pardon me. You are an Eliminean bishop, are you not?
Renault: Ehh… Yes… I suppose.
Isadora: How is that you came to join our company? I heard that you spent some time on the Dread Isle… Was it one of Elimine’s missions?
Renault: Ahh… Sort of… I guess.
Isadora: …? I may not be the most pious of souls, but I am a believer in the teachings of Elimine. It is an honor to protect one of her bishops!
Renault: I’m sorry, but… I don’t think I’m worthy of being called a bishop. Long ago, I was a mercenary. I led a bloody, thoughtless life, unconnected to the holy teachings.
Isadora: Is that so? And then…what brought you to the light of Elimine?
Renault: I…lost a friend. A man I could have called brother. But when he died, I knew nothing of prayers, of forgiveness. I only knew how to bash another man’s skull… So I cast aside my weapons and knelt for the first time… to mourn my fallen friend.

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Isadora: Bishop, may I have a moment?
Renault: Mm…
Isadora: Will you hear my sins? It has been a…very long time since my last confession.
Renault: Confession… I am not so good at these priestly matters.
Isadora: Please, do this for me…
Renault: …Very well. If all I must do is listen… I do not mind.
Isadora: Your Excellency… I was born as the youngest daughter of a country nobleman. I wanted to become a knight from my earliest childhood, so I spent many long, bitter hours in training… I hoped to someday protect my country proudly… But… There was one thing for which I was not prepared… To protect, one must do battle with one’s enemies… And to do battle with one’s enemies, one must…strike…those enemies.
Renault: ……
Isadora: I have taken many lives in battle before now… For justice, for peace, for my lord, and for my country… I have fought all this time as a brave knight.
Renault: And do you regret this choice?
Isadora: No, I… I think we fight for the right reasons… However…at times, I grow uneasy. I grow sorrowful for the lives cut short on the end of my blade.
Renault: ……
Isadora: Your Excellency… Am I
wrong for feeling this way? What should I do?
Renault: ……
Isadora: Bishop…
Renault: Forgive me. I am a fraud. I can offer you no solace.

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Renault: Are you all right?
Isadora: Your Excellency?
Renault: You don’t look well… We can’t have you die here. Try thinking about your village…
Isadora: I shall…
Renault: …… Isadora?
Isadora: Y-Yes? What is it?
Renault: About earlier… I may be a poor preacher, but please listen to me now…
Isadora: Of course. What have you to tell me?
Renault: You asked me what you should do. If I could give you one direction, one step along the path… It would be…to let yourself be lost.
Isadora: Lost?
Renault: Forgiving your sins is a small task for a bishop… And if that were enough to save you, I would recite the words. But you suffer… and you seek answers…
Isadora: ……
Renault: And that is the greatest pain of all… The pain of doubt. If I dispelled this doubt, I could free you from your pain. But then you should be nothing more than a puppet that kills. Use your doubt. Use it to become something more. I think it makes you…human.
Isadora: Bishop Renault…
Renault: Whether you will ever find answers, I do not know. But you must live with your doubt until then. If you can, then all of the joy and sorrow you experience… will truly belong to you.
Isadora: Your Excellency…
Renault: I have lived this way since I found myself… Some are sustained by faith, but for me, there are no answers.