Legault & Isadora

C Support

Legault: Passionate, aren’t you? Still practicing swordplay at this hour?
Isadora: You’re the Black Fang– Pardon, former Black Fang, right?
Legault: I’m Legault.
Isadora: …Master Legault. May I ask you a question?
Legault: Hm?
Isadora: The Black Fang assassins… What are they like?
Legault: Huh?
Isadora: I want to know so that I’m not surprised in battle. These assassins… What techniques do they–
Legault: Wrapped in black robes, with blades of ice… A movement in the shadows, and instant death… That sums up your image fairly well, doesn’t it?
Isadora: Is it incorrect?
Legault: Yeah, sorry to say, but it’s nothing that exotic. Well, there was one fellow who fit that description, but… Now the commander’s sons… Lloyd and Linus? Watching them work was like watching master artisans. The two of them may have done some of those risky stunts. But for an old leftover like me, that stuff’s all but impossible.
Isadora: A…leftover?
Legault: Yep. So, I’m fairly useless in battle, but it’s nice to meet you, all the same.
Isadora: W-Well met…

B Support

Isadora: Master Legault. Would you spar with me one time?
Legault: Spar… I told you this before, you’ve got me all wrong.
Isadora: I don’t believe I do. The way you carry yourself… I wonder if my swordwork would…
Legault: That’s what I mean, you’re overestimating me… As a rule, assassins are weaklings.
Isadora: Weak…
Legault: Yep. They use darkness to catch their targets unaware, use poison, work in groups… They can’t win if they fight fair, so they use trickery. In a fair and open duel, a knight would crush an assassin.
Isadora: I wonder if that’s true.
Legault: What? Are you nervous?
Isadora: …I’ve confidence in the techniques I practiced as a knight in Pherae, but you cannot predict what will occur in a real battle.
Legault: I think I see what you mean. You knights have to follow rules and win fair and square. But your enemies are not so constrained. That’s rough.
Isadora: Master Legault. If you were going to fight me, what would you do?
Legault: Hm? Well…let me see. For example, while we were talking like this… I’d fix your scabbard so you couldn’t draw your blade. See…
Isadora: Ah!! Wh… When did you…
Legault: Like I told you, assassins can’t win straight up, so they resort to all sorts of trickery.

A Support

Legault: Ah, Dame Knight. It’s been a while, has it not?
Isadora: ……
Legault: What? What’s with the stern face? I’m not going to do anything! You don’t have to be on guard.
Isadora: You caught me unawares before…
Legault: Oh, that… Now I remember. There’s nothing for you to be embarrassed about. In a test of pure skill, you’d win hands down. And I’ve no desire to fight with anyone in this camp.
Isadora: Why is that?
Legault: This place… It’s comfortable. It kind of reminds me of the old Black Fang.
Isadora: This army reminds you of the Black Fang?
Legault: Yep. Don’t believe me? The old Fang was filled with vagrants and misfits. The commander would teach them how to live. Of course, being an assassin’s not a job to brag about, but everyone had a kind of pride in what they were. They could at least say that they were right. That what they did wasn’t wrong.
Isadora: ……
Legault: But look at the Fang now. It’s tough to make things go right. Tough…
Isadora: That’s how the Fang was? It looks like I misunderstood all of you.
Legault: I’m glad you see that. By the way, do you have a man?
Isadora: Wha– What are you… This is so…
Legault: You do, don’t you? Too bad. All this training you do is fine, but from time to time think about your love. We are all–and this includes you knights, too–human. Living just for battle seems pretty sad, you know? It’ll do you good to think about other things once in a while.
Isadora: Yes, I agree… Thank you, Master Legault.
Legault: It’s a shame, though. If I’d met you a bit earlier? I wouldn’t be able to leave a beauty like you alone.
Isadora: Master Legault! Are you teasing me?