Lyn & Florina

C Support

Lyn: Florina! Are you well?
Florina: Lady Lyndis! I’m well, thank you.
Lyn: Good, I was worried– But don’t go out alone if you can. You never know where archers might be lurking.
Florina: Yes.
Lyn: Are you carrying enough healing salve? Your weapons–are they all in order?
Florina: Eh? Well… Let’s see… A vulnerary… And, um… My lance is here… And…eh?
Lyn: It’s all right, Florina. Take your time. I’m here should anything happen.
Florina: But, Lady Lyndis… It should be the other way around! I’m here to protect you…
Lyn: Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. Didn’t I always look out for you back on the plains? Remember?
Florina: Of course, but…
Lyn: No buts! Let’s head out, Florina.
Florina: Ah…! Lady Lyndis!

B Support

Florina: Ayaa!
Lyn: Florina!? What is it? I heard a scream…
Florina: I’m sorry! A bee was chasing me– I couldn’t help it!
Lyn: Really… You gave me quite a scare! But…that reminds me of that time. Remember, Florina? When we first met…
Florina: Oh, not that…
Lyn: I was out hunting when I saw a pegasus wandering about… When I went to see what was going on, I saw you hanging on to that tree branch…
Florina: W-Well, what was I supposed to do? All those bees came flying out at me! I was so frightened…
Lyn: I remember you were crying because you couldn’t get down. I couldn’t believe that you, a little girl, were a pegasus knight!
Florina: Please, don’t tell that story any more, it’s so embarrassing… You know how dishonorable it is to fall from your pegasus.
Lyn: Hee hee, don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul. It will always be our little secret, all right?
Florina: All right, but that better be a promise!
Lyn: Those were the days, though! You and me, riding on the plains, the wind blowing across the grass….
Florina: Lady Lyndis?

A Support

Lyn: Phew…
Florina: Lady Lyndis? Are…Are you all right?
Lyn: Ah, Florina.
Florina: Is something the matter? Might…I be of some help?
Lyn: … …Thanks. But it’s really nothing. It can’t be fixed, anyway.
Florina: …Is it the plains?
Lyn: What?
Florina: Please, don’t hide it even from me! You want to return to the plains, don’t you, Lyn? I know how you used to leave the castle and gaze out from the hill at Caelin.
Lyn: It’s just… It doesn’t seem fair. I know… With my grandfather in his condition, I’m the only one to watch over the castle…
Florina: You shouldn’t force yourself, though. I’m sure that Lord Hausen would understand… Living on the plains just seems right for you, Lyn.
Lyn: Florina… Hmm, guess what? You stopped calling me “Lyndis”… And you’re speaking much more frankly now.
Florina: Ah! I-I apologize! I’m such a scatterbrain, I…
Lyn: Please, Florina– Don’t… I, too, thought it was the way we had to be with each other. But I was wrong– I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been so lonely all this time. Leaving the plains… And you, my best friend treating me like a noble stranger. What does rank and birth have to do with anything? I’m still myself, and you’re still you! Please, talk to me normally, like you always used to.
Florina: Lyndis…Lyn… I…I’m sorry. I had no idea you felt that way…
Lyn: I do, and someday when I return to the plains… Come with me, won’t you? I may not be able to pay you like I do now… But I would like you with me, Florina, as a friend.
Florina: Yes. That would be nice. Let’s stick together, no matter what happens. Now…and always.