Lyn & Kent

C Support

Kent: Lady Lyndis, how fare you?
Lyn: Kent! I’m glad to see you here. But, I’m fine. Did you doubt my abilities?
Kent: Of course not, Lady Lyndis, you know me better than that. Still, one can never tell what will happen on the battlefield. Please, take good care of yourself.
Lyn: Thank you, Kent. It’s nice to know you’re always looking out for me.
Kent: But of course. I am the lady Lyndis’s servant. It is my duty.
Lyn: … …
Kent: Lady Lyndis?
Lyn: Nothing, nothing. Let us go, Kent.
Kent: Milady.

B Support

Kent: Lady Lyndis.
Lyn: Kent…
Kent: Is something the matter, Lady Lyndis? Your sword seems unsteady. Does something trouble you?
Lyn: You know me too well. Have you been watching me all this time?
Kent: Yes… I apologize for my imprudence. Still… How could I stand before Lord Hausen should anything befall Lady Lyndis?
Lyn: Kent… Just because my grandfather is who he is, doesn’t mean you should worry about me overmuch. I can do just fine on my own. Like I did on the plains…
Kent: Lady Lyndis… Forgive me for saying this, but you are not your usual self. Whatever is wrong?
Lyn: It’s… nothing, really.
Kent: Might there be some way I can be of assistance?
Lyn: Kent.
Kent: M’lady?
Lyn: Why do you stay with me, by my side? Is it because I am granddaughter to the lord of Caelin Castle?
Kent: …Lady Lyndis?
Lyn: You are… I am… I’m sorry. Please, forget what I said.
Kent: Lady Lyndis…

A Support

Kent: Lady Lyndis.
Lyn: K-Kent?
Kent: There is something about which I must speak to you. If I may…
Lyn: I really should be going…
Kent: Please, listen!
Lyn: K-Kent! Unhand me!
Kent: I am sorry, but I cannot. If I let go your hand now, I would regret it for the rest of my life.
Lyn: What…?
Kent: Lady Lyndis. I would like to answer your question of the other day.
Lyn: …
Kent: I am here for you. Even were I not a knight, even were you not my lady. My heart would not change.
Lyn: Kent…
Kent: So, I hope that you will forgive me, should I continue to stay by your side.
Lyn: Yes, of course. And not as Lyndis, but as Lyn. Yes, Kent, stay by my side, always…