Lyn & Wallace

C Support

Lyn: Wallace.
Wallace: Ah, Lady Lyndis!
Lyn: I wanted to thank you for fighting with us.
Wallace: It is nothing! I have sworn my body and blade to Caelin! It is my duty to aid the lady Lyndis. Ah, I was going to ask you how the knights of Caelin have been doing? Have they been following the training courses in my “Manual of Knightly Prowess”?
Lyn: Y-Yes… They’re all giving in their best. All except that one crazy course in which they’re supposed to circle the domain at top speed…
Wallace: What!? Those weak-bellied wimps! How many times did I explain: Leave out one of the drills in the manual, and the good it has done will be for naught!
Lyn: But they’re only human! Running full speed around the domain is impossible!
Wallace: With an iron will, nothing is impossible, my Lady. At my best, I circled the domain thrice, in armor!
Lyn: You can’t set one person as a standard for all, especially one as exceptional as yourself!
Wallace: Nonsense! Lord Hassar dismounted and ran the three laps with me, he did!
Lyn: Wallace! You… You knew my father?
Wallace: I knew him well. I knew Lord Hassar well, for he was my rival in all things.
Lyn: Tell me! Tell me about my father!

B Support

Lyn: Phew… …
Wallace: Good show! You wield a sword with grace.
Lyn: Good day, General Wallace.
Wallace: You’ve come so far in such a short time. Not only have you mastered the basics, but your progress beyond is swift indeed.
Lyn: I learned the sword… from my father.
Wallace: Yes, it is true that Lord Hassar was good not just with the bow, but with the sword as well.
Lyn: I…must become stronger. And not just for this battle… There is something else I must do.
Wallace: Perhaps, Lady Lyndis… you speak of the bandits that took your parents’ lives?
Lyn: My mother, my father… and the people of Lorca who died… With this sword, I’ll avenge them all one day, I swear it.
Wallace: How saddened the marquess would be if he heard, that a lady of Caelin was plotting revenge…
Lyn: You would have me forget!? Can I forget the blood that was spilled? Can I forget me father!? Never! I cannot!
Wallace: Lady Lyndis…
Lyn: I am sorry, Sir Wallace. But this is something that I cannot forget.
Wallace: Lady Lyndis… Do you hate them– the ones who did this to you?
Lyn: Yes, I hate them. Very much. They took my father and mother from me… I shall never forgive them. As long as they live, I can never move on!
Wallace: … …

A Support

Wallace: Lady Lyndis.
Lyn: General Wallace…?
Wallace: I had not thought to ever tell this to anyone… But I shall tell you, and only you.
Lyn: What is it?
Wallace: I haven’t told you how I came to Bern…
Lyn: You mean you didn’t wander here by chance?
Wallace: No, not by chance. I came to Bern for a reason. I had a purpose…
Lyn: A purpose?
Wallace: The bandits that used to live in the Taliver Mountains… They are no more. I destroyed the bandits of Taliver.
Lyn: …Why!? Why did you do such a thing!? The bandits of Taliver were my enemies! They were mine to…
Wallace: …Lady Lyndis. I killed them–but not for revenge. I want you to be happy… I wanted the single daughter of Lord Hassar and Lady Madelyn… …to be happy.
Lyn: … …
Wallace: Lady Lyndis. If you truly wished revenge upon them, you should be happy. Hatred can be strength. On the plains, you needed that strength to survive. But left too long, hatred can twist and consume you.
Lyn: … …
Wallace: The blood of your parents flows in your veins. That you live must bring them no end of joy. But for you to be filled with such hate… Is this what your parents would have wished for?
Lyn: But…Bit I… … …
Wallace: My words now might not reach you, I know that. Still, Lady Lyndis, listen: I pray that your heart will not be clouded. For you have the clear eyes of your mother, and in clarity lies beauty.