Merlinus & Nino

C Support

Nino: Whoa… Look at all that stuff… I’ve never seen anything like it… …Wow…
Merlinus: Hey! No touching!
Nino: Ah, I’m sorry… Hey, mister, you’re Merlinus, right?
Merlinus: And who would you be? What do you want?
Nino: I’m Nino! I’m supposed to defend our merchant.
Merlinus: You’re my guard!?
Nino: Yeah, that’s right… I’ll do my best, sir!
Merlinus: What foolishness! What can a child do!?
Nino: Hey, you left a sword out here… I’ll put it away for you…
Merlinus: N-No, wait! Don’t knock the–!
Nino: Whoa!
Merlinus: Ohhhh, now look what you’ve done! How could you do this!? I was almost done sorting those items! Now I’ll have to start again!
Nino: I’m sorry…
Merlinus: Don’t give me excuses; just help me pick these up! Put them back in here! Help now!
Nino: Um, yessir…

B Support

Merlinus: So this went…here. And where did this go again?
Nino: Merlinus!
Merlinus: Uwaaah! N-Nino, don’t shout like that!
Nino: Still sorting stuff? Let me help…
Merlinus: No! I don’t want these things scattered again!
Nino: Now you’re going to listen closely to old Merlinus here, because…
Nino: Hey, Merlinus, what have you got there?
Merlinus: Ulp…! This? Why, uhh…
Nino: It smells good. What are you eating?
Merlinus: Now hold on, Nino! Don’t get the wrong idea!
Nino: What idea?
Merlinus: I realize how important it is that we properly ration our supplies on the field. I certainly hope you won’t accuse me of sitting around eating our rations while you are all off fighting and such!
Nino: What?
Merlinus: That is to say… I must… I must keep up my strength to sell my wares, you see! So, don’t tell anyone about it, especially Sir Lowen! It’ll be our little secret, eh?
Nino: Secret? Um, yeah. All right. Anyway, so can I help out?
Merlinus: Ohhhhhh… Fine then!
Nino: Yaay! I’ll do my best!
Merlinus: Now look out, don’t step on my… Ah! This child is an imp with the face of an angel!
Nino: Hm?

A Support

Merlinus: Swords, here. Spears, here. Axes, here.
Nino: Right, right, right.
Merlinus: Bows here, staves here, and anima, light, and dark tomes here. Finally, items go here.
Nino: Right. I think I’ve got it. You’re a really good teacher.
Merlinus: But of course! One must train the help!
Nino: Thanks, Merlinus! You know, you’re kind of like Uncle Jan!
Merlinus: Uncle Jan? Who is that?
Nino: He played with me a lot when I was with Black Fang.
Merlinus: Ho ho! And he was a bit like me? Surely, he must have been a most handsome devil!
Nino: He…wasn’t any kind of devil!
Merlinus: No, no, child. I mean he must have been a striking gentleman!
Nino: Oh, I get it! Hey, you’re pretty funny! Aren’t you? You’re a funny little man!
Merlinus: Err… I suppose…
Nino: I miss Uncle Jan… …I wonder how he is…
Merlinus: …Ahem. Nino, we still have some work to do… Mustn’t be layabouts!
Nino: Oh! I’m sorry. So, just sort of this stuff?
Merlinus: And this, and this, and this.
Nino: Right! Got it!
Merlinus: …When we’re done, we’ll have a break. Just think of a game…
Nino: Huh?
Merlinus: Well, if it’s just for a little while, I don’t mind taking Uncle Jan’s place for a bit and maybe playing a game or two with you…
Nino: Really?!
Merlinus: But you’ve got to sort this stuff perfectly first!
Nino: All right! I love you, Uncle Merlinus!!
Merlinus: Whoa, hey… Not so loud… Geez…