Oswin & Matthew

C Support

Oswin: Matthew! Have you seen Hector?
Matthew: No, I haven’t.
Oswin: That man just goes where he pleases! And I told him, knights stand their ground!
Matthew: Haha! Not him! Young folk these days just can’t stay put! Even you were young once, right, Oswin?
Oswin: Always trying to take care of things on his own… That one needs to learn how to think about others!
Matthew: Yeah, but that’s what I like about him. Things are never dull when he’s around!
Oswin: Like him, don’t like him… This is not the time for such talk.
Oswin: It’s your coddling him that caused this in the first place. Matthew? Hey! I wasn’t done yet!

B Support

Matthew: You know, Oswin, I just don’t get it. How long do we need to be on this quest?
Oswin: What do you mean. Matthew?
Matthew: We are men of Ostia, aren’t we? Our young master is risking his life for the sake of his friends, but if you think about what is best for Ostia…
Oswin: …Hmm. I agree. But Hector’s not one to change his mind once it’s made. So I am here just to keep him out of trouble. I’ve sworn to serve him truly, and so I shall. It is a most trying situation.
Matthew: Haw…
Oswin: What is it, Matthew?
Matthew: Oh…nothing.
Oswin: So why did you come on this journey? Didn’t you say that spies do not join the fray?
Matthew: Yes, that’s true… But if we leave him alone, who knows what might happen? He is faithful and brave at his best, and a spoiled child at his worst. We must keep an eye on him. And if we must watch him, we might as well fight along his side.
Oswin: …You seem pleased by that, Matthew…
Matthew: Well, I have long been accustomed to his presence, his behavior. But…I rather thought your appraisal of him to be a big generous of late…
Oswin: That is…most certainly not true. …No, certainly not.

A Support

Matthew: It seems our young master intends to see this thing with Eliwood through to the end.
Oswin: And so we shall follow him and remain loyal to the end as well. We must protect him at all cost.
Matthew: But…what do you think about those two?
Oswin: What do you mean?
Matthew: Eliwood, son of Marquess Pherae. Hector, brother of Marquess Ostia. Each one bears the weight of a nation… How will they govern Lycia? Aren’t you curious?
Oswin: Well… I believe Eliwood will make an ideal leader… He may have faults, but he has the heart of the people.
Matthew: And what of our master, Hector?
Oswin: Of him…I am not so sure. He would surely be unique in our history of leaders. Oh, who am I trying to be so diplomatic for?
Matthew: Anyway, he is what he is… At least he has no skill for treachery, unlike Lord Uther… But he will certainly face challenges…
Oswin: Perhaps…that is best.
Matthew: I’m sorry?
Oswin: Hector may not walk the right path. The path of Eliwood may be the right one, but maybe our Hector can win people with his inventiveness. By not walking the clear path, he always forges new ones… In that, he has great skill.
Matthew: You would say so much, Oswin? What has come over you?
Oswin: …I would not trust him to act without us, but…I would not want to see his good qualities hindered.
Matthew: Hmm, I see.
Oswin: But…you will never tell Hector what I have just said. It is…not becoming of a knight.
Matthew: Heh heh… Yeah, I know.