Priscilla & Raven

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Priscilla: Lord Brother…
Raven: Ah, Priscilla…
Priscilla: It is I– Might I be with you a moment?
Raven: …Certainly.
Priscilla: Thank you. … …
Raven: Something wrong?
Priscilla: I…am very happy. To be next to my lord brother like this… I have dreamed often of this day.
Raven: … …
Priscilla: Um…Lord Brother? …Do you remember this ring?
Raven: Hmm, what’s that?
Priscilla: You have forgotten… That is too bad. When I was young… When I was with you in Cornwell… You made a promise to me, brother. You said: When I grew larger, you’d take me as your bride.
Raven: Yes, but, surely… Priscilla… ?
Priscilla: Yes, I know. It was a child’s game. So you said to me as I cried and cried… And then you gave me this ring.
Raven: And…And you still…
Priscilla: I am still a child  — So allow me one more childish wish of you. Please, let me stand here, by your side. Don’t make me suffer in loneliness again.
Raven: … …

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Raven: Priscilla.
Priscilla: Yes, Lord Brother?
Raven: You…should return to Etruria. You should not stay here any longer.
Priscilla: What? B-But why?
Raven: … …
Priscilla: Please, don’t make me leave! Not after I came all this way to see you again…
Raven: But, there are things I must do. And I don’t want you getting involved!
Priscilla: Lord Brother! You are not planning something dangerous?
Raven: … … It’s nothing you need know of.
Priscilla: It is something dangerous! Then, now more than ever, I cannot be made to leave! If you are to face danger, then let me face it by your side!
Raven: You’re not listening, Priscilla. You were sent to Etruria for adoption– You are no longer of House Cornwell. And…I am no longer your brother.
Priscilla: Lord Brother! How could…Lord Brother!

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Priscilla: Lord Brother.
Raven: Priscilla… I am through speaking with you. I am your brother no longer. Please, return to Etruria…
Priscilla: No. I cannot. No matter what you say… I cannot go home.
Raven: Priscilla!
Priscilla: I cannot bear to be somewhere where you are not! I love you, Lord Brother. I want to be with you, together. I…cannot leave your side.
Raven: … …
Priscilla: … …
Raven: I see. You…were always like this, though, weren’t you? So gentle at most times, until you got an idea in your head — then you wouldn’t budge, no matter what people said.
Priscilla: Yes… I’m afraid I caused you much trouble.
Raven: Priscilla…
Priscilla: Brother… Say what you will, I shall not leave. As long as you are here, lord Brother, so, too, must I remain.
Raven: …Understood. You win, Priscilla.
Priscilla: What…?
Raven: I planned to get revenge on Ostia for the destruction of House Cornwell. Since I cast aside the name Raymond and took the name Raven, revenge is all I have lived for. But…now, I have given that up. …It is not right to abandon my little sister.
Priscilla: Bro– Lord Brother!
Raven: That is all I have to say. Let’s be off, Priscilla. You were going to stay by my side, were you not?
Priscilla: Yes… And, Lord Brother?
Raven: What?
Priscilla: Thank you, Lord Brother.
Raven: … …