Sain & Fiora

C Support

Sain: Oh…! You are the Fiora I have heard so much about! You are even…three times lovelier than I had heard!
Fiora: I’m sorry? How do you know my name?
Sain: Oh, but my dear… I have memorized the names of every woman in this army!
Fiora: …… I am Fiora, of the Ilian knights. May we fight with honor.
Sain: I am Sain, of the Caelin knights! That’s S-A-I-N. Do not forget, my lovely!
Fiora: Right. Nice to meet you…
Sain: Lady Fiora! Please, be at ease… I will protect you with all the strength and courage in my heart!
Fiora: ……
Sain: Now come closer, don’t be shy!
Fiora: Please forgive me if I abstain. And I am capable of defending myself, thank you. Now if you will…
Sain: Ahh…!? Fiora! Fly away from me if you must! But to shine so beautifully as you go! How cruel, my love! How cruel!

B Support

Sain: Fiora!
Fiora: …Sain.
Sain: Yes, it is I! Your knight and protector, Sain!
Fiora: How…unexpected that we should meet again…
Sain: Unexpected? Surely you mean destined! Don’t you, fair Fiora?
Fiora: Sain, I can fight on my own. So, if you don’t mind…
Sain: That will not do, fair lady! For I am bound to… …to…to…… ……
Fiora: Hm? Are you all right? …Are you injured?
Sain: It is nothing! I am always the very picture of health!
Fiora: Enough of that! Just let me… Oh! Your forehead is burning! Have you been fighting like this all day?
Sain: I am fine! I can overcome this with sheer willpower!
Fiora: You should rest… Look, just lay down here…
Sain: B-But I can’t!! I can still stand and fight!
Fiora: Don’t be a fool. Look at you…
Sain: But… I have promised you. I must protect you!
Fiora: What…?
Sain: It is the duty of all knights to protect women! In the face of that duty, this ailment is but a blush! ……
Fiora: …Sain? Sain, wake up!
Sain: Ah, I see…fields of flowers…

A Support

Sain: Fiora!
Fiora: Sain… You look much better now…
Sain: How could I not? Your love has brought me from the brink of death!
Fiora: You know, I think I liked you better near the brink of death… But…at least I have confirmed that you are indeed a knight.
Sain: You have? Then, darling, come closer! Let this humble knight protect you with all his passion and love!
Fiora: …I think I shall pass. I think being at your side presents its own, unique dangers…
Sain: Ah, my dear, you cut me deeply! But lovely Fiora…you have flown into my heart! Ulp! Where do you find such embarrassing things to say?