Sain & Isadora

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Sain: Ahh! What awe-inspiring beauty!
Isadora: Who?
Sain: A lovely female knight! Please, tell me your name!
Isadora: …… I am Isadora, of the royal Pheraen knights.
Sain: I am Sain… a humble knight of Caelin. Fair Lady Isadora, may I have a moment of your time?
Isadora: Sir, I am not so noble as to be called “lady.” And…we are in the midst of battle…
Sain: Ahh, but all the more reason! I know so little about you, my comrade-in-arms! If we are to emerge victorious, then we must understand each other completely!
Isadora: …Are all the knights of Caelin like you?
Sain: Of course! What say you, Lady Isadora? After this, we should retire to my tent for…
Isadora: …That is quite an offer, sir knight, but perhaps you could help me with my training instead?
Sain: Your…training? But, Lady Isadora, we could have so much more fun if we–
Isadora: Could we meet instead with lances on horseback? If you can make one blow with the lance, I will agree to meet you again. How does that sound?
Sain: Ah, now that is training that I could truly relish! Wait for me, Lady Isadora!

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Sain: Lady Isadora!
Isadora: …Oh, it’s you again. I thought I had won our little wager…
Sain: Well, yes, I suppose you did, but… I would like…a rematch. This time… I will not lose.
Isadora: …I see. Well, you look serious enough. I was beginning to think these knights of Caelin were no more than armor stuffed with straw… Forgive me. I applaud your spirit.
Sain: So you accept?
Isadora: I do. We will meet with lances tonight after the battle. I do not know if the outcome will change, but I will gladly bring to bear all of my skill when I meet you on the field.

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Isadora: Sir Sain, you still live, I see!
Sain: Ah, Dame Isadora! Of course I do! It is all thanks to the lance arts of Pherae that you taught me.
Isadora: Oh…that was nothing… I have learned much more from you… Do you still find value in me as a sparring partner?
Sain: But of course! You have taught me so much! Caelin and Pherae have such different approaches to the lance!
Isadora: Yes, it is as you say. In fact…we should gather all good knights of Caelin and Pherae for a single jousting tournament…
Sain: Brilliant, Dame Knight! All knights of Lycia would profit from such a chance to experience each others’ styles!
Isadora: Yes. I think you are right.
Sain: Ah! I know! We should meet to plan the details of this tournament! Leave the time and place to me! And, Dame Isadora, what type of cuisine do you fancy? I know a pub in Caelin with the finest ales.
Isadora: …Sir Sain. You are…reverting to your former self…