Sain & Louise

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Sain: Ahh! Mine eyes have seen perfection made flesh!
Louise: I’m sorry?
Sain: Surely the gods have graced me with a vision of heaven itself! Those eyes, like celestial orbs! That hair, like molten gold! What greater ecstasy could a humble knight know than to encounter such exquisite rapture on this earth!
Louise: And… Who are you again?
Sain: I am Sain, knight of Caelin! And I am awed by your beauty!
Louise: My, how flattering… I am Louise.
Sain: Lady Louise? Not the Etrurian…
Louise: Yes. I am wife to Lord Pent, Count Reglay.
Sain: What? You… You are the countess?
Louise: Yes.
Sain: …… Bad Sain! Bad, bad Sain! You have gone too far! Ohh! But why? She is so lovely! What could I do? How could I resist?
Louise: Well…I should let you be. You certainly do seem to be in quite a bother…

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Sain: Lady Louise!
Louise: Ah yes. Sir Sain, was it? How fare you?
Sain: Ahh, please! Do not look upon me with those eyes! I…could not bear such sweet agony…
Louise: Oh?
Sain: Would that I had met you earlier, I could have… But you are sworn to another! No matter how passionately our love may rage, it can never be!
Louise: I beg your pardon?
Sain: Please, understand my heart! I know you pain with longing… But the pain is doubly so for your aching servant!
Louise: You…know…
Sain: Parting from you wracks my body and my soul… But that is our star-crossed fate… And so, Louise… Forever! And forever! And Forever! Let us cherish this moment and live always in its warmth…
Louise: My… Cherish I shall… Indeed… …What a funny man.

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