Serra & Matthew

C Support

Serra: La, la…la la la… La la la, laa…la…
Matthew: …Hey.
Serra: Oh, it’s Matthew! Maaaaatth…yooo! What? What is it? What’s wrong? It’s just…Matthew! Are you daft? …… I…am…going…to…tell…Hector…you…said…that!
Matthew: …Cripes. What’s wrong with you?
Serra: Hey. Where are you going? Come on. Over here, over here! Lord Hector said you have to stay by my side, no matter what, right? I am a sweet, helpless little cleric… You have to protect me!
Matthew: Protect you? But I’m a thief! I don’t get into brawls…
Serra: That’s fine! I can heal you if you get hurt! So come on, don’t be shy… right over here!
Matthew: You know… I’ve been wondering about this for a while… But…are you really one of Elimine’s clerics? Are you sure you’re not actually the follower of some dark, evil god?
Serra: That was very, very, very mean, Matthew! Are you trying to hurt my tender feelings?
Matthew: …Hmm. Tender. Right. Let’s get going.

B Support

Serra: Ahhh-ahh. All this time in the sun is doing terrible things to my skin! Lord Hector needs to take better care of his vassals!
Matthew: Come on. We should keep moving.
Serra: Hey, hey, Matthew! Wouldn’t it be great if we had our own vassals?
Matthew: Hm? Who needs ‘em. You don’t need partners to swipe treasure and unlock doors. And too many people means too many footfalls.
Serra: But I want my own vassals!
Matthew: …Oh, please, not again. And what exactly would you have your vassals do?
Serra: Well, first of all, they would have to call me Lady Serra… And bring me cold, refreshing drinks… And massage my feet and shoulders every day… I would also require their absolute submission to my every whim, of course… I don’t need much, just a faithful servant who would slave away for me until death!
Matthew: …Oh, is that all? Well, then…
Serra: I wonder if someone has misplaced his vassals recently. Maybe there’s one just lying around here somewhere…
Matthew: Not…bloody…likely.

A Support

Serra: Hey, Matthew! Listen to this! You’ll never believe how mean Lord Hector was to me!
Matthew: …Blimey. What now?
Serra: I said to him, “Give me some vassals,” and do you know what he said back to me? Can you guess? Can you? NOTHING! He ignored me! Can you believe it?
Matthew: …And you are so very, very difficult to ignore…
Serra: Right! You are seriously the only person who could understand how much hurt I am feeling right now!!
Matthew: I’m not sure anyone could understand…
Serra: Why is Lord Hector always so mean to us? I mean, we are always putting our life on the line for him!
Matthew: …I hate to admit it, but you may have a point there… I have approached him many times with my own request, only to be turned away…
Serra: Yeah, see!? So, what did you ask for, Matthew? Vassals? Rank? Promotion? Jewels?
Matthew: Ehh… I told him there was… an unwanted distraction… that it was making it difficult for me to work… that he should let me do things my own way, that I should be…free from this distraction…
Serra: Yeah! Yeah! I totally know what you mean, Matthew! Lord Hector just doesn’t understand our needs! We should go complain to him together!
Matthew: …Man, are you ever thick…
Serra: Come along, Matthew! You’ll be left behind if you dawdle so!
Matthew: She’s not bad looking… If only she would just…shut…up…
Serra: Matthew!!
Matthew: Yeah, yeah. Come along, I know. …Save…me…