Serra & Sain

C Support

Sain: Ahh… Sweetest Serra! No matter how often I see you, you always present the freshest and most lovely appearance!
Serra: Well, well… Sain. I’ve always thought you had an eye for beauty.
Sain: That is but one of the noble traits that runs in our good house… And, surely, it is what has brought us together now! Ah, Serra, we would make such a fine pair!
Serra: Well, I don’t know about that quite yet, but…
Sain: Ahh, a bit coy, are we? Or perhaps you wish to delay the pleasure to make it sweeter?
Serra: It’s not that, but… Wait, you’re just trying to get me to say yes, right?
Sain: For that, I would do anything, my dear!
Serra: Mmm, well… We’ll see, won’t we?

B Support

Serra: Hey, Sain, look at this! What do you think? Isn’t it adorable?
Sain: Yes. What a lovely little doll!
Serra: No, silly! It’s not a doll. It’s a special necklace sold only in Etruria.
Sain: That’s a necklace? Well, that’s…rather…peculiar.
Serra: Yeah, they haven’t really gotten around yet. But they’re a big hit with the fashion elite.
Sain: Is that right? Well, Serra, you certainly do have good fashion sense. I still don’t know very much about these sorts of things.
Serra: But of course not! Caelin is pretty out of the way, even for Lycia! Even Lyn, who is just gorgeous, has zero fashion sense.
Sain: Ahh… How can you say that?
Serra: You know, Ostia is probably the center of the fashion world right now, so that’s probably why you don’t get my style. I’m just so far ahead of the rest of the fashion world.

A Support

Serra: Hey, Sain. So, who do you think Lyn will end up with? Lord Eliwood? Lord Hector, maybe?
Sain: Lady Lyndis? Hmmm… Why do you ask?
Serra: Well, you know, it’s fun to guess! No matter who she chooses, it’ll be big news throughout Lycia, right? But who? Who? Which one, do you think?
Sain: I think it’s a mistake to restrict the contest to just those two. Why even this humble knight might be a suitable suitor.
Serra: No, not you, Sain. You’re not even in the running…
Sain: What!? I had no idea! Could that sparkle in her eye have been nothing more than the reflection of my own love?
Serra: Yeah. I check up on these things, you know. And according to my sources, the one that Lyn likes is…
Sain: She likes–?
Serra: Lord Hector, I’d say… They argue a lot, but that’s the sign of passion! My intuition is very keen. Personally, I’d go for Lord Hector anyway… I mean, he’s royalty! As the heir, he’ll be the future marquess!
Sain: Hmmm… Hey! Serra! Can you tell me who has eyes for me?
Serra: Nope, nope, nope. I know, but I won’t tell.
Sain: But…why!?
Serra: Because…you hit on all the girls… And I…think…that…makes…you…gross. So I will never tell!
Sain: Ahhh! Hold on! Serra!