Wallace & Renault

C Support

Wallace: Are you Bishop Renault? Let us fight side by side, Your Excellency!
Renault: As you will.
Wallace: Ha! It is good indeed to have allies who are strong of spirit. Mm? You? No, you couldn’t be…
Renault: What is it?
Wallace: It is not possible. No…surely not… Forgive me, Bishop Renault… You just look so much like him… You could be the very image of a man I knew…
Renault: Oh?
Wallace: I thought you might be him, but that is certainly not possible. There is no way he could be as you are now… And the last time I saw him was some thirty years ago…

B Support

Wallace: I was only ten years old or so at the time… I was a squire in the service of a knight of Caelin… I was so puny and slight that some teased me, called me a girl.
Renault: …Sorry. That’s a little hard to imagine.
Wallace: The man I knew was a mercenary also in the service of Caelin. Yes, and his name was also Renault. Renault the Impervious, they called him. He had no fear of death, and his bravery was well known. Did you know him?
Renault: No…
Wallace: I learned much about fighting from him… I owed him a great debt as my teacher… I wanted to meet him once more time in my life.
Renault: Why do you want to see him?
Wallace: I made a promise to him when I was young. I told him I would fight always for the sake of the people. I told him I would never use the skills he taught me for evil. I want to tell him that I have kept this promise… But…surely he is long dead.
Renault: ……

A Support

Wallace: Lord Renault, are you all right?
Renault: Yes.
Wallace: You know… It is somewhat strange, but… though we’ve only just met, I feel as though I’ve known you for quite some time. I feel we could be good friends.
Renault: It would be an honor.
Wallace: Would that I had met you sooner! Soon our journey ends… And will we fight together no more?
Renault: Keep your guard up, Wallace. Victory is not ours yet.
Wallace: Aahahaha! He said the exact same thing to me once! How could I forget! His teachings are all engraved on my heart!
Renault: Wallace. Would you still like to see him again?
Wallace: Of course! But…it feels less urgent now. Having fought alongside you like this, Bishop Renault… It has given me the feeling that perhaps… He has been watching me from heaven…
Renault: Perhaps…
Wallace: I must thank you, Your Excellency.
Renault: But I have done nothing, really. Let us go now.
Wallace: Onward!!