Wil & Raven

C Support

Wil: Greetings! We seem to run into each other often.
Raven: … …
Wil: You’re Raven, right? I’m Wil. Nice to make your acquaintance.
Raven: Ah…
Wil: Say, Raven. I’ve got a question for you, as a fellow in arms…
Raven: What?
Wil: How old are you?
Raven: Why ask me that?
Wil: I was just thinking that we were probably about the same. But you’ve got this aura like you’ve seen it all… And you talk like you’re older… So maybe you are, I thought.
Raven: …And what of it if I am?
Wil: Eh? So you are older! Ah, I shoulda shown more respect, eh?
Raven: … …
Wil: Very well. I shall treat you as my senior in all things henceforth! Nice to make your acquaintance, senior!
Raven: … …

B Support

Raven: Wil!
Wil: Eh? Ah! Senior Raven! How may I help you?
Raven: First, you can stop calling me “senior.”
Wil: Well then, Sir Raven?
Raven: No “sir,” either.
Wil: Eh? Yes, but age and rank are very important…
Raven: How old are you?
Wil: Seventeen, sir!
Raven: I’m 19.
Wil: Huh? I guess we aren’t that far apart after all. Whoops!
Raven: Right. So no more
“seniors” and “sirs,” got it?
Wil: Yeah, but still, be it two years, a senior is a senior! And besides, I think “Senior Raven” has a nice ring to it…
Raven: …Wil.
Wil: Fine, fine. If it’ll get you to stop scowling, I’ll talk normal.
Raven: What scowl?
Wil: That! What you’re doing right now!
Raven: … …This is my normal face.
Wil: Hunh? No way!
Raven: … …
Wil: Ah! Sorry! Wait up! Sorry…! Sorry!

A Support

Wil: Howdy, Raven!
Raven: What is it, Master of Rudeness?
Wil: What’s that?
Raven: A name. I think it suits you.
Wil: Hey, don’t go giving me weird names like that! …Ah…sorry, in a bad mood, sir?
Raven: … … What do you think?
Wil: How the heck should I– Look, with you, Raven, it’s either “scowling” or “terrifying.”
Raven: Ah… Yet the scowl does not stop your prattle, does it?
Wil: Yeah, I mean, what if that’s just your normal face, like you say? How am I to know–you might really NOT be mad?
Raven: And if I was… really…mad?
Wil: Erm, well, yeah, that’d be frightening. But, when you’re really, really, mad, Raven… I bet you’re the type to say nothing and just cut away with your sword! So, you’re not really mad now, right?
Raven: … … … Tell me… Your cluelessness… is that just an act?
Wil: …Eh? You say something?
Raven: Ah…nothing.
Wil: You know, I just had a thought. How about “Rave”?
Raven: …What’s a “rave”?
Wil: It’s a nickname! Yours! Like it? Rave!
Raven: … …You really are an idiot.