Wil & Wallace

C Support

Wallace: Ho! You there! You are Wil, correct? Yes, I remember you! Have you become a fine warrior?
Wil: Oh, great… If it isn’t Mr. “Manual of Knightly Prowess”! I mean…General Wallace!
Wallace: Young Wil! You were in the Caelin army, yes? So then, you must have benefited from my Manual of Knightly Prowess! You must be a strapping lad now, not like the puny boy I knew… …But…you…aren’t.
Wil: Yeah, I, umm…
Wallace: Have you not been training like the manual suggested? What a weak little husk you are! How can you serve Lady Lyndis like that?
Wil: I, ahh… I’m sorry?
Wallace: Bah! So be it! I will train you myself!
Wil: Huh?! No, that’s OK! Really, it’s fine!
Wallace: Pfaw! Worry not, I need no special thanks! Training new recruits is my hobby, as a matter of fact! I trained Sain and Kent, and look at them now!
Wil: B-But…
Wallace: If you follow my fast and effective secret training regimen for just ten short days, I promise you big beautiful muscles that will be such to turn a few heads! Wahahahahahaha!
Wil: Umm, excuse me!
Wallace: Huh? Hey! Get back here! You think I’ll let you escape?

B Support

Wil: ……Ha That clanking! Nooo!
Wallace: Muhahahaha! Now I’ve found you, Wil!
Wil: Whaa-! L-Lord Wallace!
Wallace: Give up! There is no escape for you! Today, you begin my secret training!
Wil: Um, didn’t I say no thanks or something last time?
Wallace: Pfah! Do you intend to disobey a direct order, soldier?
Wil: This is…an order?
Wallace: I hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but… It’s time for the use of force!
Wil: What do you plan to do… with that spear?
Wallace: Don’t worry. If you can avoid my thrusts, you’ll live! Here I come!
Wil: Whaa!
Wallace: So, you evaded that one… Well, then try this… DIE!!
Wil: Hiyaa!
Wallace: Wait, Wil! Hey, he can move pretty quickly… But I won’t let him escape!

A Support

Wil: 98… …99… …and… …100! Phew… If Wallace finds me, he’s going to make me do that training… So I have to keep training just to avoid his training! …Wahh!
Wallace: Wil! Tsk! You were…hiding! You go through so much just to avoid my training… But I won’t give up!
Wil: Ahh, it’s no good… He’s just going to catch me eventually… Normally, I would be ecstatic to train to become a knight… But that guy’s just too much! …How long can I keep running? Hanhh…Hanhh…