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Community Spotlight: Fire Emblem Writer’s Zine

It’s time to share another pretty radical fan group’s project, and this time, it’s the Fire Emblem Writer’s Zine, a community’s collective publication celebrating the creative talent of writers within the Fire Emblem fandom.

If you’re familiar with the Together We Ride fan zine that we’ve promoted in the past, you may recognize the group involved, as one of its members, Damosel, is part of both the teams of this Writer’s Zine and the TWR zine. Now, there are a couple of differences with the Writer’s Zine, notably how you can enjoy it, and who they support.

For starters, they’re making their zine available as a PDF, meaning that there is no concern for shipping and receiving (a great relief in these trying times). The zine itself features stories and art from each of the mainline games, as well as Heroes and Warriors, coming to over 300 pages of content! Preorders are running until November 1st, and can be placed here. As it’s a PDF, delivery will not be an issue, and the huge amount of stories included can be enjoyed on the go.

The Writer’s Zine is doing this for charity, and the organization that proceeds will go towards is We Need Diverse Books, an organization dedicated to helping provide books to the hands of those in need. WNDB helps by finding and promoting books that connect with those readers, helping them grow as individuals as well as people, and above all, promoting and celebrating diversity (racial, disability, cultural, etc) with the creation and exposure of books that highlight diverse stories and their characters.

If you’d like to follow the efforts of the FEWZ team, follow their Twitter, and you can keep up with their future projects, as well as partnered and endorsed projects. You may even be able to participate in a future edition yourself, or share this with a friend that you think may be interested in the opportunity and they could find some solace with this team or their projects.

If you’d like to support We Need Diverse Books, but either find yourself light on spare money or time right now, you can spread the word of their organization by clicking here for their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, and share those links with your friends. Every little bit helps with bringing light to a charitable organization, and even something as following or sharing a group can help bring the attention that they need, to get the results that their beneficiaries deserve.

Joe Zieja Three Houses 1st Anniversary Stream on 23rd July, 11 pm (UTC)

Calling all Fire Emblem voice actor fans! Joe Zieja–who provides the voice of the charismatic Claude von Riegan–will be hosting a special stream on 23rd July, at 11 pm (UTC) on his Twitch channel, to celebrate the upcoming one year anniversary of Three Houses.

Earlier, in the linked video, Joe shared details of what to look forward to during the anniversary celebration.

Firstly, between 25th and 26th July, there will be live signings by Joe himself, as well as Tara Platt (voice of Edelgard) and Chris Hackney (voice of Dimitri) via InstaGraph.

The prints used for the signings are of the house leaders’ timeskip designs, illustrated by @hellyonwhite. A neat touch is that the three prints can be joined together as one, similar to some Cipher artworks.

Secondly, the stream itself will kick-start Joe’s brand new playthrough of Three Houses, but this time after caving to peer pressure he’ll be teaching the Black Eagles.

Last and not least, Joe has collaborated with Family Jules to record a music video of “God Shattering Star”, the endgame track for the Golden Deer route. Fans will be able to enjoy a premiere on 23rd July, before the Black Eagles stream begins.

Regarding the Allegations Against FE YouTubers Mangs and Chaz Aria LLC

Last week, two prominent members of the Fire Emblem YouTube community–Mangs and Chaz Aria LLC–were accused on social media of sexual assault (the former) and sexual coercion (the latter).

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t get involved because, besides our shared passion for the Fire Emblem series, there’s nothing to tie us together. However, events escalated in such a manner that I think it would be wrong for me to stay silent.

Before I get into the details, I want to be clear: sexual harassment and abuse are completely unacceptable, whether you belong to the Fire Emblem community or elsewhere. If anyone has been the subject of sexual harassment/abuse, I believe they should have a safe platform to speak up. Although (judging by how events have unfolded) social media may not be the best place.

In addition, I must emphasise: the contents of this article are solely the opinion of myself. They do not reflect the rest of the Serenes Forest team, nor its community. Everyone should be entitled to their own opinion and I dare not claim to represent everyone. Also, I don’t know the truth behind the events and I probably never will.

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Community Chronicles: Greg Chun (Ike, Ephraim, Lukas, & more) kicks off streaming July 5, 8-10p PT

Hello, friends of Fire Emblem. This is Elieson, and I’ve got an announcement for you. A good friend of mine and beloved voice actor & music director, Greg Chun is finally prepared to debut his livestream, and I figured I’d share it for ya’ll.

Who is Greg Chun?

His talents include being the voices of but not limited to these many-a-character, including the Fire Emblem Ike, Ephraim, Lukas, as well as Judgment’s Yagami Takayuki and much more than that. I personally am quite fond of his ASMR, featuring a recent dedicated ASMR video, and his infamous ASMR-rific cheesecake recipe reading. Additionally, Greg was the music director behind the famous Super Mario Odyssey “Jump Up, Super Star!” song as well as the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate “Lifelight” song, so he’s a trusted and talented director.

What’s he streaming, and when?

His debut stream is going to be on Sunday, July 5th, from 8p-10p PT, and he’ll be streaming Game Music Composition, helping music lovers and music writers learn and refine the techniques behind making a moment more memorable through the power of music. Taking input from viewers, he’ll put out live polls and write music that tells a story of what _you_ want to happen, showing how to “set the mood”, as it were. His continuing series of streams will be showing how to do this in a variety of programs, including Garage Band, so you’re certain to get something out of this.
As said above, he’ll be continuing to stream, so if you’d like to follow along with his endeavors, or if you want to socialize with him and his many Chunderlings (myself included), follow him on Twitch, and join the Chunderworld Discord server to say howdy once in a while!

How can I visit his sites, and be part of this going forward?

General Site, for everything Greg Chun: https://GregChun.Live

Lastly, to continue the support of Greg, and the voice acting community as a whole, you may see me showcasing others in the Fire Emblem’s voice acting community, as I have with artists, by sharing some light on upcoming events and new talents, sharing some social media links, and above all, just bringing some positivity to the people that help make our beloved franchise that much more special for us as players. I already have quite a few in mind, but if you know of anyone that you feel deserves some spotlight treatment, let me know and I’ll do my part to make sure that they get some!