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Cipher S16 Weekly Recap: New Card Reveals!

We’ve had many new reveals for S16 of Fire Emblem Cipher this week! Three of the most exciting new cards are special R+ variants. First up is a pair of cards for Klein and Clarine! These siblings show off special joined-art in these cards. Mila from Shadows of Valentia also gets an R+ card signed by her Japanese voice actress, Yoshiko Sakakibara.

@fecipher has also shown off a few new SR cards this week! First up is another representative from Valentia, Saber, with his very first SR card. This is also the first time we get to see a card for the Yasha overclass. Sigrun from Tellius also snags an SR this set, with particularly beautiful art by Megumi Nagahama.

The final reveal of the week belongs to Gale from Binding Blade. Gale makes his Cipher debut this set with two cards, including a promoted R foil.

There’s been no other news aside from daily reveals this week, so that’s all we have for now. Cipher Series 16 will release later this month on 22 March. In the meantime, it’ll be an exciting month of news, reveals, and speculation.

For further discussion about Cipher, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum on the forums! You can also check out the Cipher Wiki for translations of the cards and more detailed information.

Cipher S16 Weekly Recap: Card Reveals, Promo Goodie Images, & Livestream Details!

It’s been another fun week of card reveals for Fire Emblem Cipher! With Series 16 covering so many titles, @fecipher spread the card colours pretty evenly this week. Still, Binding Blade pulled ahead with two big profile reveals: Fae & Sophia!

Fae gets two cards to herself, a Cost 1 and a shiny R foil. Sophia’s cards on the other hand are a bit more interesting. In her SR on the right she’s wielding the legendary tome Apocalypse, placing her in the large joined-art of the set. With Roy in the centre with the Binding Blade and Dieck wielding Armads, we have only six characters to go.

Two of the other reveals of the week, like Fae, show off Cost 1 N cards paired with an R foil. Zelgius comes as the green Tellius representative for the week, and Conrad as the red Echoes representative. Furthermore, Conrad’s foil shown here is actually a special R+ version, signed by his Japanese VA, Takuya Satou!

The final card reveals of the week feature Heroes representatives: Alfonse and Sharena! Both cards take inspiration from their special Spring versions in game. This is notable as seasonal Heroes characters have traditionally been promos, not set cards. Perhaps we’ll see some more seasonal characters with the remaining FEH cards?

In addition to the twitter reveals, we also got some more official site updates recently. Although there’s nothing particularly new or noteworthy in these updates, they do provide some nicer, high quality images of set related promotional goodies.

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Cipher S16 Weekly Recap: Second Week of Card Reveals

Last Saturday, Fire Emblem Cipher held its Winter 2019 livestream, showcasing many new cards and products. Following the livestream, additional new cards were revealed by the official Twitter account.

All of these cards belong to Series 16 “O Courage! O Soul Aflame!“, which features characters from Binding Blade, Shadows of Valentia, Radiant Dawn, and Heroes. This series launches on 22nd March, exactly one month away.

On the Radiant Dawn side, we have cards of Tormod from the Laguz Emancipation Army–as a Mage and Archsage–on the left. Plus Kurthnaga from Goldoa–as a Dragon Tribe and Dragon Prince–on the right.

Previously, they showed off artwork of Tormod that doesn’t match either of his two featured cards. I’m guessing that’s for Tormod’s Sage card.

Binding Blade gets a fearsome triplet of cards depicting the three Ostian Knights (Barthe, Gwendolyn and Bors) triggering the Triangle Attack. All three are promoted Generals. Read more

Cipher Winter 2019 Livesteam: New S16 Cards, S17 Art, & S18 Announcement!

This past Saturday, Ryota Kawade and Young hosted the Cipher Winter 2019 Livesteam live over NicoNico and YouTube! The stream also featured two Voice Actor guests: Jun Fukuyama (Roy, Innes) and Minami Takahashi (Peri, Alice). As always, it was a treat for Cipher and Fire Emblem Fans of all types.

After the stream, the @fecipher twitter team also revealed digital versions of 3 new SR cards from the stream: Celica, Sanaki, & Dieck!

Celica’s SR card has two different versions, each featuring different artwork by Sencha. This version of Sanaki’s SR is actually a special gold foil version signed by her VA, Mai Nakahara. Finally, Dieck’s SR forms the second part of the large Elibean joined-art teased during the last time. He gets to wield the Thunder Axe, Armads.

Many more cards from S16 were shown off during the stream as well. We also got to see our first look at artwork for June’s S17, and heard our first news for September’s S18! Click on the Read More to see further details and images.

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