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Cipher S14 Weekly Recap: First Card Reveals, Art, Promos, Sleeves, & More!

Welcome to the first Fire Emblem Cipher S14 Weekly Recap! We’re now a month away from the release of Series 14, which means @fecipher has begun their card reveals. Let’s take a look at what they have in store for us!

The most exciting reveals so far come from Tellius, with Ike as the first Tellius character appearing in the set. His Cost 1 is based on his appearance in Path of Radiance. However, he wields axes in his R card, which he could only do when promoted in Radiant Dawn. This is actually the special R+ variant, signed by his VA, Hagi Michihiko.


Additionally, Titania snags the first SR for the set! She also appears with Greil as an unpromoted Axe Knight in her Cost 1.

For the Awakening cards, Chrom and both Male and Female Robin appeared in the first main character reveal. Previous art for the set has only shown off Male Robin, so Female Robin’s appearance was definitely a surprise! This probably means we’ll see Male Morgan along with Female Morgan with the second generation’s cards.

The final reveals go to Male Corrin and Ryoma from Fates. Both are here representing White, as S14 is focused on Hoshido, rather than Nohr. The two versions of Corrin are as a human wielding a sword and in his dragon form wielding a Dragonstone, respectively. Ryoma gets both an unpromoted Samurai card as well as a promoted R foil card.

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Cipher Series 14 Introduction & Pre-Orders + Summer Livestream!

It’s been a fun summer so far for Fire Emblem Cipher! Series 13 had a very successful release, and the Cipher Summer Party is currently in full swing. As of today, we are officially 2 months away from the release of Cipher Series 14! Let’s take a look and see what we know of the set so far.

Cipher Series 14 features characters from Awakening, Tellius (Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn), Hoshido (from the Birthright path of Fates), and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. It releases on 28 September.

Head on below for a further look at the art we’ve seen in the set so far and news for the Summer Livestream. We also have some links to pre-order cards from the set.

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Cipher: Summer Party Details + Merchandise

This summer, things are heating up for Fire Emblem fans in Japan, as Intelligent Systems are holding a “Fire Emblem Cipher Summer Party” event at four different locations in Japan during late July/early August.

First announced during the Series 13 pre-release livestream, Summer Party celebrates 3 years of the Fire Emblem Cipher card game. The event itself is similar to other Cipher local events in the past, such as the annual Cipher Festivals.

Although the events are focused on the Cipher card game, there’s free entry for everyone and there’s lots to do even if you’re a stranger to Cipher. Below, you can find details of all the venues, as well as the activities on offer.

Special Gift!

Everyone who attends Summer Party can receive a pair of special promotional cards, featuring Fjorm and Laevateinn from Heroes, when leaving the event. Note that the cards will only be given out after the closing stage.

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Fire Emblem Cipher Series 13 Release!

Today, 28 June, is the official release day for Fire Emblem Cipher Series 13! The set titled Flame, Steel, Thought and Grief is now available in card shops around Japan.

S13 features cards and characters from Blazing Sword, Shadow Dragon, and Heroes. It also contains a new Structured Deck featuring more FE7 characters. Scroll on below for a look at the available cards and related promos!

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