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Heroes: Find & Vote Winners announced!

It’s something we’ve all been waiting for: The results of the Find & Vote event.

At least one of the results may shock you, and don’t say you expected it, either, because that would make you a liar.

Myrrh: Spooky Monster, Azura: Vallite Songstress, Lyn: Lady of the Wind, and Duma: God of Strength, are your four winners of each colour. You an visit the official website here, but will need to access it through a mobile device to view the results.

Remember that these four Heroes will become available as focus summons on the upcoming 2nd Anniversary Heroes summoning event on the 25th of February, 7:00am UTC. The first free summon will be replaced with a chance to summon one of these four winners at random, so pray that you get what you’re hoping for, or be prepared to start dumping your saved Orbs.

Click on “Read more” for a possible explanation on how Legendary Lyn beat out her green competition.

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Heroes: New Power banners have arrived!

After new weapons and refines for any older character within Heroes has been released, it is tradition to have those units show up in a banner together. So here they are: New Power 1, and New Power 2.

New Power 1 banner sees Tharja, Amelia, Oboro, and Seth. Amelia is the only 5-Star exclusive here, so hope for a green stone during your free summon. New Power 2 banner has Fury man Hinata, Eliwood, Nino, and Niles on focus. No 5-Star exclusives here. Pull red if you don’t care for any of the Heroes, since it’s the most likely colour to dish out a 5-Star summon. Or green, because Nino is a fantastic F2P unit to build and use, especially now with her new tome.

That’s it for today, good luck on your summons!

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Cherche & Virion + Banner

A new special battle event is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! When you feel like taking a break from the TT, head over to the Special Maps menu for Bound Hero Battle: Cherche & Virion. You can also summon from a new, related banner, featuring 5★ focus characters for Cherche, Virion, and Adult Tiki.

As usual for BHBs, there are three difficulties available: Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. Beat them all to earn 9 Orbs! You’ll need to keep your whole team alive to be successful.

Bound Hero Battle: Cherche & Virion will be available for almost a week, ending on 18 February.

Furthermore, today is the final day of the 2nd Anniversary Daily Summoning Events. Today’s banner contains 5★ focus units for Takumi, Hinoka, and Sakura. However, other anniversary perks, like the Daily Maps and Double EXP/SP event, are still going strong. Both of those will still be available through most of the week.

Heroes: Love Abounds banner re-run, and Tap Battle returns!

Today’s FE Heroes news brings us a re-run of last year’s Valentines banner: Love Abounds!

The banner features Lyn: Wind’s Embrace, Hector: Just Here to Fight, Lilina: Blush of Youth, and Roy: Youthful Gifts. The banner will begin today, and is available until the 11th of March, 6:59AM UTC. If you desire any of these Heroes, this is probably your best chance until next year.

Also arriving today: A new season of Tap Battle is here!

Illusory Dungeon – Carrying the Flame begins today, and will end on the 4th of March, 6:59AM UTC.

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As well as the usual rewards for completing dungeon floors, there will also be Tap Battle quests available, where you can earn up to 10 Orbs and accessories – a vibrant, red Flower Band, and a rather fetching pink Floral Headband (see image above). Not to forget the daily quests which will net you some Feathers and Badges, available daily until the 18th of February, 6:59AM UTC.