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Heroes: Special Early Event for Michalis Great Hero Battle!

The Heroes in-game notification screen popped up today with a reminder about the next Great Hero Battle starring Michalis. The event is scheduled to start on Friday, as usual. However, there was an addendum in the Japanese notification of another related event as well…

On Monday, March 20th, at 11:15am GMT, players can attempt a special early version of the Michalis Great Hero Battle. However, it will only be open for 45 minutes! Like Ursula, he will be available as both a 3★ or a 4★ Hero. In order to earn the 4★ version, you will need to complete a difficult Lunatic map.

Additionally, all players will earn rewards based on the number of people who complete the early maps.

Hard or Lunatic

  • 10,000 or more: 10 Stamina Potions
  • 20,000 or more: 5 Orbs
  • 50,000 or more: 5,000 Hero Feathers


  • 5,000 or more: 5 Orbs

This short event will only last for 45 minutes and will end at 12:00pm GMT. Good luck to all players!

UPDATE: Times have been corrected. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Heroes: Twitter Quiz for Orbs and Hero Feathers

Starting today, the Japanese Twitter account for Fire Emblem Heroes is running a daily community quiz, with a bunch of Orbs and Hero Feathers up for grabs.

Each day, for up to 15 days, there will be a Fire Emblem-related multiple choice question posted on Twitter. If the correct answer gets the most votes, all players will receive a prize.

Questions are divided into 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Hard and Lunatic. The harder the question, the better the prize:

  • Normal (5 questions): 1 Orb
  • Hard (5 questions): 500 Hero Feathers
  • Lunatic (5 questions): 1 Orb, 500 Hero Feathers

If all 15 questions are answered correctly, players can look forward to 10 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers! Prizes can be obtained in-game from 7th April 2017. Right now, the quiz is for Japan-only, but chances are everyone will get the prizes. Hopefully.

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Heroes: Starter Support + Android Exclusive + Arena Bonus Heroes

You can never have enough Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes and Nintendo knows this as they’re adding even more ways for players to earn free Orbs!

Whether you’re a new player or one who’s been playing for ages, you’re sure to benefit from the new Starter Support campaign, which lasts from now until 3rd April 2017 (at 7:59 AM UTC).

Firstly, replacing the previous App-release Log-in Bonus is a Special Log-in Bonus, which grants 2 Orbs per day like previously. By our calculations, you can pick up this Log-in Bonus up to 17 times for 34 Orbs!

Secondly, there will be two Starter Support bonus maps added to the Special Maps section–one today and another from the 20th (in three days time). These maps award 3 Orbs each and have two difficulties, so you can get 12 Orbs at most.

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Skill Inheritance and Orb Quests are Here

The wild ride through Fire Emblem Heroes and their constant updates isn’t slowing down, and today indicates one of the biggest updates of them all. We’re fortunate to have been around long enough to enjoy the Launch Celebration events, but with them coming to a close, Orbs might be running scarce for Summoners. Not to worry, however, as Nintendo has given us 17 days to earn 36 orbs via 12 “Training Tower Special Quests” to earn!

Some of the challenges may prove harder than others, as all 12 Quests require that in each instance, all four deployed allies must survive. If you lack a unit type for some of the Tenth Stratum quests (easily the most intense, as each requires deploying four Infantry, Armor, Cavalry or Flying units), you can still enjoy 24 orbs plus 3 for any that you’re able to do. Curiously, the Ninth Stratum doesn’t include any rewards.

Of course, we can’t avoid the elephant in the room. The most game-changing element of the update is the one thing has been drawing hype and tension from players since its announcement weeks ago…

Skill Inheritance is officially live, and before you start freaking out about the oodles of Vantage-equipped Takumi stuffed teams filling the Arena, here’s what you need to know about Skill Inheritance so you don’t give yourself any more stress than you might already have.

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