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Warriors: Upcoming Free DLC/Update for Japan

Update: The free DLC is coming to Europe, North America, etc. on the same day.

The Japanese Fire Emblem Warriors website has updated with news about a version 1.2.0 update arriving on 16th November 2017, as well as a free English voice pack (just like we got a free Japanese voice pack).

Whereas 1.1.0 merely added the ability to buy DLC and a few quality of life improvements, the new update will include new battles, costumes and gameplay features.

To begin with, there will be new costumes for Rowan and Lianna, pictured above, dubbed “Gold Prince” and “Gold Princess” respectively.

Next, a new and rather intriguing weapon attribute has been introduced, which we’ll tentatively call “Crushing Blow”. If equipped, attacks will trigger “Armour Break”, which removes the foe’s armour, revealing their… well, underwear.

So just like Sophie’s skill or the Raider weapons in Fates. Except Armour Break lowers the Defence and Resistance stat, so it actually has gameplay merit. The catch is that if you’re hit by a foe’s Strong attack, your character will get inflicted by Armour Break.

If that’s not enough, a new History Map “Heroic Arena” will be available to play. According to the description, it will focus on Rowan and Lianna as they battle against other heroes in the arena. Perhaps you’ll get their new costumes by completing it?

Finally, there will be some extra gameplay enhancements including the ability to sell multiple weapons at once(!), new blessings in the Temple and various bug fixes, etc.

Serenes Forest: Now Live with Warriors (pt. 2)

Jedi is live now with the second half of his English Fire Emblem Warriors run. Hop on over to his Twitch channel to check it out!

Hop on over to his individual channel to join in the watch and offer some commentary!

Serenes Forest: Incoming Live with Warriors (pt. 2)

Due to technical difficulties, Jedi was unable to finish his initial run by his anticipated schedule. Fortunately, after giving his setup a bit of TLC, he’s back on board and ready to go.

Join Jedi tonight for the exciting conclusion to his English playthrough of Fire Emblem Warriors. He’ll be live tonight, at 9p PST, and shouldn’t have any issues completing his Rowan-focused Story Mode run.

As always, if you want to give any pre-game comments or requests, give him a post on his thread, or join in on the Twitch Chat for live commentary. Otherwise, just hop on over to his individual channel and watch!

Serenes Forest: Live with Warriors

Jedi will be joined by Serenes Forest users Lord Raven and MrStardustRicon, are streaming Fire Emblem Warriors right now. While you can watch each individually (Jedi is getting a bit of a headstart on his own channel), we recommend watching them all, as they’ll be playing in a shared communications channel, and if you’d like to do it all at once, use Twitch Multiwatch (I’ve already set up the link to feature all three when clicked).

Jedi’s unit of choice this time around

If you want to give any pre-game comments or requests, give him a post on his thread, or join in on the Twitch Chat for live commentary from any of the three streamers. Otherwise, just hop on over to his individual channel or the MultiWatch posted above.