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FE:W See the Shadow Dragon Characters in Action!

I’ve done recorded videos, showing off the Shadow Dragon characters. While Navarre and Minerva share movesets with Lyn and Camilla respectively, they do have unique specials, animations, and of course voiced lines and statlines.

For starters, Linde is very much her own beast, serving as a bit of a faster mage than Robin with huge Magic & Luck. Luck has been established as one of if not the best stats in the entire game thanks to the skills of Luna and Lethality. (I’ve even shown the effectiveness of this) Linde also has huge range and relentless attacks that don’t leave her nearly as open to attack as Robin can in some of his.

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FE:W: Shadow Dragon DLC out today by 4 pm PST and Indepth Information

Happy Valentine’s Day, or if you’d rather, Singles Awareness Day, fellow Warriors! I have some good news for you. The Fire Emblem Warriors Shadow Dragon DLC will be releasing in just a few hours; Treehouse has officially confirmed it.

Navarre, Linde and Minerva will be added to the roster with this update, and some of their supports have been revealed, be it the FE:W official Japanese twitter or Treehouse. Click the “Read More” button for the main details of this update.

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FE:W Shadow Dragon DLC information surfaces at last!

After a long period of silence, we finally have new information and it involves our lovely cast of Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon.

Images of Navarre, Linde and Minerva have surfaced, showcasing some potential Musou/Special attacks. Linde looking like she utilizes Aura for hers, along with much more info that we will be digging into.
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Fire Emblem Warriors: Fun Build with Anna (using Celica and Niles)

Hey there, Warriors fans! Jedi here, and I just figured I’d give you a cool little build you could setup with one of the new skills Niles gave the cast in the last update, before all the Shadow Dragon stuff drops later this month.

Now this is a lucky lady

Anna’s best stat is naturally luck. Skills like Luna (which is obtained from Chrom) are reliant on luck to activate. Additionally, Niles’ Lethality skill was added to the game, and adds heavy damage to critical hits (which happen when you hit a weakness gauge down completely). Add Celica’s +20 Luck skill and Anna gets even more luck. Armored Blow would probably be the last choice of skill, although I have Paragon (Marth’s skill) on her to finish getting her to level 110, and of course Astra because everyone should use Astra (Astra is obtained via Ryoma and Armored Blow via Tiki).

Give this video a peek, if you want to witness some hilarious amounts of damage and get your Anna fix for the day.